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We’ve talked a lot about which types of business can really get a use out of buying walkie-talkies for their employees but we didn’t really mention one rather important industry, and that is the security industry. Security details are rather big on using walkie-talkies because they need uninterrupted, undisturbed, and unobstructed communications. Mobiles phones are hackable and can be compromised but it is quite difficult to do the same to a high-quality set of the best walkie-talkies. Of course, covert ops guys do not really walk around with walkie-talkies in their hands. This industry has really made the manufacturers push the envelope when it comes to gadgets so now we have Bluetooth walkie-talkie accessories, holsters, invisible earpieces and much more.

ImageBluetooth Walkie-TalkiePriceOur Rating
Bluetooth Intercom Headset$$$
Seaer Hands Free Wireless Headphones$$
VXi BlueParrott B250-XTS$$$
Vtin Over-the-Head$$
Plantronics Voyager$$$

As you can tell, this is not something that you can only see in the movies. There are specialized companies that only deal with manufacturing top grade security communications equipment and walkie-talkies are one of those devices. Adoption of walkie-talkies by security companies has brought us a lot of nifty accessory products, such as:​

  • Shoulder holster – Shoulder holsters do exactly what their name suggests; they holster your walkie-talkie safely under your arm where it is always handy and protected. The great thing about holsters is that they evenly distribute the weight of the device across your torso so it does not become cumbersome or difficult to carry. The other thing great about them is that they keep your device protected and your hands free so you can do other things.
  • Fist mic – Fist mic is a small handheld accessory to walkie-talkies and can be clipped to belt or clothes so it is easy to reach. They are handy and allow you to communicate without having to reach in for your walkie-talkie or unclip it from the holster to talk.
  • See-through earpieces – This particular piece of equipment is probably a trademark of the industry. Even though they are designed to be unnoticeable spy movies have taught us all how to recognize the tell-tell signs that someone is listening in on the communication on their earpiece. These are usually made of transparent plastic that is very good at insulating sound but less noticeable than regular headsets or earpieces.
  • Multi-chargers – Multi-chargers were also invented out of the need to simultaneously charge multiple devices in a record-breaking time. You can now buy chargers that will accommodate anywhere between two to ten devices.

The popularity of walkie-talkies in this industry, later on, brought a boom to the kid’s toys industry. Every kid wanted to have the latest gadget used by their favorite action or spy hero. It created a veritable niche that is still going strong to such extent that manufacturers are to this day producing walkie-talkies that are branded as ‘spy gear’ and sold to kids all over the world. We are sure that the buck does not stop there and that there are a lot more products being delivered to high-end security industries that us mere mortals never get the chance to hear about at all!

But, conspiracy theories aside, all of this has brought some interesting development into the consumers’ electronics arena as well. For example, we have mentioned Bluetooth walkie-talkie accessories. Today on the market, it is quite easy to find Bluetooth enhanced devices that can deliver a lot more than regular walkie-talkies.

There are walkie-talkies that use Bluetooth technology to connect and establish a protected link that allows them to communicate securely with each other. Also, Bluetooth is used to connect wireless headphones and earpieces to the device. This means that there is no more need to fiddle around with the cord.

This is especially beneficial to large teams using the same equipment on a shift-to-shift basis. Two people only need to synchronize their devices using Bluetooth to get connected and stay connected for the whole duration of the job. The benefit of having your hands completely free and untangled is self-evident and does not really have to be expanded on.​


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