Blue Max 7,500 Watt Diesel Powered Generator


Experiencing constant power outages can be quite depressing as well as frustrating. I know. I live in an area where it is frequented by hurricanes therefore we experience a lot of long power outages once, twice, or thrice every year. Sometimes, it even takes a week to get every part of the state back to full power.

Not only does having no electricity rob you of the conveniences that you will normally experience if you have electricity, but it will also mean less security as everything will be dark and quiet, which is the perfect situation for thieves.

Because of this, I got the Blue Max 7,500 watt diesel powered generator. Blue Max is one of the most reputable power generator manufacturers out there. They basically offer reliable and durable generators. For me, that’s good enough. I don’t need a fancy looking generator. As long as it works perfectly, I would definitely get it.

The only downside of the generator is that it is a non-CARB compliant generator. This means that if you live in California, this generator will not be allowed to operate in the state.

Another great feature that this generator provides is that it is equipped with a wheel kit for portability. With a little effort, you will be able to get this generator in the place you need it to be. All in all, the Blue Max 7,500 watt diesel generator will be able to work with you if you need emergency standby power. Unless you live in California, I would definitely recommend this reliable and durable generator.

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