Blue Max 6,000 Watt Diesel Powered Generator


Because of the current price of diesel, many people want to get their hands on diesel powered generators. It is much cheaper to run and provides as much power as its gasoline counterpart. These days, I consider it impractical to purchase a gasoline powered generator considering the cost of gasoline today.

This is why I got the Blue Max 6,000 watt diesel powered generator. At first I was quite skeptical about getting this generator as it is powered by diesel. However, after trying it out, it certainly exceeded my expectations. It performed fantastically, very fuel efficient, reliable and very cost effective.

One great feature that I love about this generator is that it has the electronic start feature as well as the recoil start system. With these two, I was able to start the generator with little effort. It also offers a dual voltage system that can provide a 120 and 240 volt output.

Being able to provide a continuous 5000 watts of electricity, it was able to power my fridge, my TV, and even my air conditioning unit as well as the lights and power outlets in my home. It was also able to operate for 12 hours nonstop. It’s definitely very fuel efficient.

For added security and safety, it also features a low oil warning and automatic stop system. This means that the generator will automatically inform you if it is running low on oil and will also automatically stop. Another great feature is that it has a wheel kit for easy transport. This means that moving this 233 pound generator is easier to do.

The only downside is that it’s not really as quiet as other types of generators. It has a noise level of 85 decibels at 23 feet. All in all, basing on performance and quality, I would definitely recommend the Blue Max 6,000 watt diesel powered generator. It is very efficient, cost effective and a very reliable generator. Just remember to place it in some kind of encasement to further reduce the noise.

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