Blendtec Warranty Experience


My First Blendtec Warranty Claim

So, it was  a very disturbing day when I discovered after only  487 cycles, one of my two pitchers was leaking from the bottom seal around the blade pinion.

So, I grabbed the file full of my purchase information and compiled the email below to the Blendtec customer support staff to start my warranty claim.


Dear Customer Support,

I ordered my Blendtec total blender on 02/01/2010. WebOrder: xxxxxx, Customer # xxxxxxx

Very recently I noticed my large pitcher, with the 4 in (blendtec part no. 40-508) has the following issues:

  • leaking from the bottom seal
  • blade does not turn freely by hand

If someone could please get back with me as soon as possible I would appreciate it.


8/10/2010 Update:

It has been two days and I have not received a reply from Blendtec regarding my warranty claim. I am sad indeed … but, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and picked up the phone and called their 1-800 number. So glad I did.

I talked to Kristen, who was very nice and very helpful, and she informed me their email was down and since I did not get the quick response I deserve she waved the $17.95 I was expected to pay for a replacement pitcher (shipping) and is sending me a prepaid label along with my new pitcher! That just made my day.

My new pitcher should be here on Tuesday. The call took just a few minutes and once she found out the reason for my call, she immediately processed my replacement with absolutely no problems.

I was also sent some tips on keeping my pitcher in tip top shape that will extend it’s life. I’ll be posting them soon.

Wonderful customer service! First rate.

8/17/2010 Update:

icon smile Blendtec Warranty Experience

I received my new pitcher today and it came with a return label for my old pitcher. Things are looking up in the blending arena again. It has been a juggle for me to blend using only one pitcher, but I did it … I just washed alot!    I did not realize how much I used both of my pitchers until one was out of commission.  If you have any experience with a Blendtec warranty claim please post a comment below.

9/17/2011 Update:

Since this original post I took care of a Blendtec warranty claim for a friend and I am happy to report Blendtec customer service was very prompt and resolved the claim to my satisfaction .

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