Blendtec Price Increase


I just got notice of Blendtec raising their prices…today! I am sad to say they gave no forewarning of their price increase to their affiliates. This is the first increase in over a decade, according to Blendtec.

Blendtec has already adjusted the prices on their site but Amazon has not yet changed their prices.

I am not aware how long Amazon with hold to the old prices though. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a Blentec Blender, Amazon will be your least expensive bet, by $35 to $40.

The Blendec Total Wildside Combo, which I recommend, was $489.95 and is now $524.95 on

This same blender is on Amazon for $489.95. As of this post.

I recommend the Combo because I find it very convenient to to have two containers. You can read my 1 year review here.

The Combo comes with a 3 Qt (96 oz w/4″ Blade) and a 2 Qt (64 oz 3″ blade).

If you are not yet ready for two containers, I recommend the Wildside 3 Qt container of the two. It’s larger and things seem to blend easier in this larger container. It is pictured above setting on the counter.

This is $429.95 currently on Amazon.

Hope this helps and gets you to blending!

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