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I was on Blendtec’s Facebook page and read about a customer’s Blendtec overheating when used. This is not a common problem so I was interested in what to do. The response to this problem was to call Blendtec and they will take care of it.

Interestingly enough, the next week or so I was using a friend’s Blendtec when this happened to me. While I was blending, the machine stopped and would not start again. I also smelled something ‘hot’ or ‘burning’ from the inside of the base. This was not good and certainly not normal.

I just knew this had to be mechanical error because I run my Blendtec pretty hard (I mean, if it can blend a rake handle I certainly can’t harm it with my frozen fruits and nuts…) and have had no problems with it ever quitting before the cycle was complete.

I turned my friend’s machine off using the switch on the back of the base and then turned it back on. The screen read “Over Temperature”. And it would not run. The motor is designed to shut off when it runs hot, but I am not sure what caused it to shut off. This was an error in manufacturing. After waiting a few minutes, it did start working again.

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I immediately assured the owner (still my friend) that this was a problem with the blender and Blendtec will take care of her. And since I love my friend so much I decided (with her permission) to take on the task of getting in contact with Blendtec and returning the blender for her. Plus, it makes a great blog post! 

I called Blendtec the next business day and customer service was easy to reach and so helpful. I explained what had happened and this actually was not the first time this event has occurred with this machine. She had me run a cycle for her while on the phone with her (which ran fine) and since it was still under warranty told me to just box it up and send it back. I did have to pay shipping which was only $15 for USPS.

In the box I included a note that stated the problem the blender was having and the return address.  In less than two weeks my friend will have her a new blender.  This is the second time I have filed a warranty claim with Blendtec and both experiences have been very positive.

The moral…once you get your Blendtec, USE IT! Use it and use it well. If you get a bum motor, you should discover it while it’s still under warranty. And if you smell anything ‘smoky’ or ‘burnt’ coming from the base, call Blendtec or email them right away. That is not normal.

And the great thing about Blendtec now is the 7 year warranty on all blenders purchased through them. No need to buy from a Costco or Sam’s Club to get the extended warranty.

Below is Blendtec’s customer service number and address to Blendtec Repair Center.

(800) BLENDTEC (800-253-6383)

Attention: Repairs
1206 South 1680 West
Orem, Utah 84058

Or go to their website to send them an email.

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Happy Blending.

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