BlackHawk Fury Commando HD


The BlackHawk Fury Commando HD gloves with Kevlar are a heavy-duty version of the popular Fury Commando gloves that have been a bestseller for the BlackHawk! company for years.

Wear them for protection, excellent dexterity, and the durability of Kevlar.

When we say heavy duty, we are referring to new HD configuration that includes the following features:

  • A hard shell protective layer over the knuckles and tops of the fingers. This is covered with leather.
  • Extra padding over the knuckles discourages abrasion and bruising of the top of the hand.
  • Thicker, double-layer palm treated with a waterproofing compound.
  • Nylon wrist loop for easy attachment to an equipment belt.

Other features of the Fury Commando HD gloves include:

  • Leather reinforcement so the gloves are pre-curved to fit your hands snugly. This promotes maximum manual dexterity.
  • Leather reinforcements over the palm and fingertips. The HD version features dual layers of reinforcing cowhide.
  • Made with Kevlar to cut down on abrasions and provide flame resistance.
  • The popular short-cuff configuration (instead of a gauntlet design) makes them easy to take on and off, but provides full wrist protection.

Downsides are few, but one deal-breaker for a lot of folks is that these gloves are not made in America. Others complain that it’s tough to get them sized properly, but this seems to be a complaint common to all glove manufacturers.

Blackhawk Commando Fury HD Gloves

However, Blackhawk Commando Furys are renown for their snug

fit, excellent dexterity and “feel”, and the ease with which you can break them in.

Standard colors are black, grey, olive drab, and desert tan. Since the knuckle guards are covered with a layer of calfskin, they don’t contrast in any way with the rest of the glove, so the gloves don’t call attention to themselves.

This review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the almost universal praise these gloves receive from wearers regarding the comfort and dexterity. They’re great shooting gloves, and the heavy duty protection is top-notch.


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