Black & Decker Spacemaker Coffee Maker Review


Black and Decker spacemaker coffee maker as the name implies, saves a lot of space in the kitchen and brews fresh and delicious coffee like the other coffeemakers.

They are uniquely designed to occupy a very small room and save a lot of space that can be used for other purposes in the already short spaced kitchens and counter tops.

Black Decker space maker coffee makers are simply great in saving a lot of room in the constricted space of the kitchens. They can be installed under the kitchen counters that salt away spaces on the countertop surface.

Black and Decker Space Saver Coffee Maker Features

Black and Decker Spacemaker Coffee Machine Leaking Recall

  • The Black and Decker series of spacemaker coffee machines are designed to feel and look good. Uniquely stylish and cool as they look, they are very compact and small.
  • The biggest USP (unique selling point) of a Black and Decker spacemaker coffee unit is that it allows to have a clutter free kitchen top without any need for storage.
  • One great feature about these coffeemakers is the Thermal Carafe feature. While in most makers the heating plates are likely to burn the coffee after sometime, this feature ensures that the coffee is fresh and hot for 4 hours.
  • Sneak a Cup is another feature for obtaining quick coffee. The function enables the users to interrupt with the brewing cycle before it is complete to get a quick shot of hot coffee.
  • Every Black and Decker spacemaker coffee maker comes with a programmable timer of 24 hours. This is highly useful for users who want a steaming cup of coffee as the first thing in the morning. You can set the timer before going to sleep at and night and will be delivered with a mug of freshly brewed hot coffee when you wake up.
  • These units operate at the touch of a single button for convenient use of owners of all age.
  • A new Save A Plug feature in the machines allow users to plug in two spacemaker units in a single plug point. This saves some space and the trouble of having separate outlets for different appliances.
  • Installation of the units is very easy. The machines come with a step by step instruction manual which makes it easy for users to install it on their own. They also come with a mounting template which is pre-sized for convenience.
  • The Auto Brew feature in the machines starts brewing coffee automatically once the programmable clock is set.
  • The control panel of the units is very easily accessible and understandable with simplified programs.


  1. Saves a lot of space for a mess free kitchen
  2. Allows plugging of another spacemaker unit in the same electrical outlet
  3. Can be easily installed under the kitchen tops
  4. 24 hours programmable timer for a cup of fresh coffee anytime
  5. Very affordable for under $100


  1. The repairing cost of the machines is often more than the cost of new replacements.
  2. Sometimes people living in hard water area have to keep restarting the brewing process.
  3. The most common problem faced in these units is the dysfunction of the thermal power cutoff switch.

Recommended Spacemaker Coffee Maker Best Buy


Black and Decker SDC740B (US only) is a 12 cup coffeemaker with a programmable timer and Perfect Pour glass carafe for freshly brewed coffees. The water reservoir is removable with a water level indicator that illuminates on filling. The Brew pause function delivers a swift shot of coffee.

With other useful features like inbuilt cord storage for convenient hording of the cord inside the unit, nonstick warming plates and easy installation, the unit is one of the best Black and Decker units perfect for saving space. The unit measures about 17 x 13 x 13 inches and weighs 10.3 pounds.

Other popular models are the SDC850 and SDC750.

Spacemaker coffee makers are unique additions to the modern kitchen spaces – a perfect solution to avoid every unit blocking considerable room that leads to a clutter on the counter top.

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