Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Mower Reviews


Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Black & Decker MM875

Black & Decker MM875 best lawn mower reivews

Black & Decker MM875

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Black & Decker MM875 Overview

The Black & Decker MM875 is one of the current Black and Decker lawnmower models that is integrated with a 12 amp electric mulching mower with a rear bag. This versatile 19-Inch Lawn Hog Electric Mower from Black and Decker is equipped with a very powerful electric motor and offers users with the option of either bagging or mulching the grass. One of its features is its adjustable cutting deck that will allow you to easily adjust in order to match your preferred grass height. The ergonomic grip handles also offers extra comfort and can also be adjusted to your preferred mowing position. And because the MM875 uses an electric powered motor, you will be able to have a consistent cut minus the additional expenses for gasoline. Best price at AMA

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Black & Decker MM875 Features

  • Corded electric powered 12amp motor capable of mulching and bagging with 1 touch height adjustment 19″ lawn mower deck and comes in a pre-assembled package.
  • This is product is relatively zero maintenance and ecofriendly with its zero emission features. Ultra lightweight at fifty pounds for overall assembly
  • Folding Push-handle and cushioned grip for added comfort and an adjustable handle height.
  • Limited warranty up to years for rear mulching insert and the rear bag assembly and a LIFETIME warranty on Mower Deck.

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Black & Decker MM875 Key Benefits

The Black and Decker MM875 Lawn Hog is one of the most powerful and fully featured mowers in the market today considering the fact that it is using an electric motor. Aside from having options of either bagging or mulching, the MM875 also comes with an optional chute discharge. Other key benefits include adjustable four wheels to easily match your ideal cutting height with a single touch of the button and it has a cutting area up to up to 1/4 acre. The ergonomically designed handle offers a more comfortable operation and it is also foldable for less storage space. This requires no maintenance and pre-startups. This can be easily started with a single push of a button and requires no oil or tune ups so no oil is change needed.

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Black & Decker MM875 Conclusion

For a regular price of $219.00 plus free shipping, this is certainly a good bargain for such a powerful electric mower. And an additional saving option is the natural fertilizer you get when you decide to mulch instead of bag the grass. Just remember though to always keep the blades clean. Always keep the cord out of the way when mowing for risk of cutting it and it may short circuit.

All in all, the Black and Decker MM875 offer one powerful mowing option for those who do not want mowers with messy gasoline engines. Except for the plastic housing that may easily break when you accidentally hit hard objects, everything else is quite durable. This is virtually maintenance free and the fact that electricity is much cheaper than gasoline, you will certainly save a lot of money in the long run. Best price at AMA

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