Black & Decker LM175 Lawn Mower Reviews


Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Black & Decker LM175

Black & Decker LM175 best lawn mower reviews

Black Decker LM175

Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Black & Decker LM175 Overview

The Black & Decker LM175 18-Inch 6-1/2 Amp Electric Mower is one of Black and Decker’s line of environment friendly lawn mowers. With its versatile features and easy to use design, the LM175 is one of the greenest, zero – emission mower using a highly powerful electric motor. The two main features that consumers like about the LM175 are its affordable price and excellent maneuverability. Even with smaller lawns, this mower can easily be used to trim in between spaces and edges which will be a big problem for much larger, gas powered mowers.5 stars rated

And for the price of $141.54 and an opportunity for free shipping, this is certainly a bargain deal for such a high quality product. This is about half the price of ordinary gas powered mowers it is also much cheaper to maintain.

The good thing about this green lawn mower is that after you are done with your mowing, your surroundings will smell like fresh cut grass and not the smell of oil or gasoline. The LM175 is also ultra lightweight with its polymer deck making it a lot easier to push around the lawn.

 Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Black & Decker LM175 Features

  • This product comes with a powerful electric powered 6.5 amp motor and an 18-inch polymer deck resulting to 18 inches of cutting path and up to one hundred feet range. The single-lever height adjustment easily adjusts all four wheels simultaneously from 1” to 3.5” and it requires no gas, engine oil, or tune-ups.
  • Ultra lightweight design that weighs around 35 pounds with minimal assembly required and a lifetime warranty on deck.

 Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Black & Decker LM175 Key Benefits

One of the key benefits of using LM175 is its side discharge. In addition to that, electric motors can also be started at one push of a button and you do not need to worry about tune ups or replacing and adding new engine oil after a period of time. Just like with other electric powered lawn mowers of Black and Decker, the LM175 is almost maintenance free which reduces the need to visit a service station for repairs or tune ups. And because the LM175 is ultra lightweight, this is much easier to push even when the area to be cut is much larger.

 Best Lawn Mower Reviews – Black & Decker LM175 Disadvantage

For some people, the fact that the LM175 requires electricity and has to be plugged in to your house is quite a disadvantage. This lawn mower model has no integrated battery so you have to literally plug it in before you can use it. You will need some maneuvering skills to mow most of your lawn without missing an area especially when you do not have a ready to use outlet near your lawn. There is also the risk of running over the electric wire which can result to a short circuit. The 6.5 amp motor of LM175 may also not suffice the power requirement for hard to cut grasses and can take more time before the entire area is mowed completely. Best price at AMA

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