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Reviews of the Spacemaker, Infuze & Thermal Coffee Pots

Black and Decker coffee makers were added as one of small home appliances under Black and Decker Corporation in the 1980s.


Though the B&D was known for their quality power tools and accessories it has expanded to include home improvement tools and appliances.

Black and Decker coffee maker earned instant success with its innovative One-Cup Coffee maker back in the 1980s. From then on Black and Decker continued to improve their design and technology to produce machines that are very affordable yet highly functional.

Black and Decker Thermal Coffee Review

These Black and Decker coffee machines offer great hot coffee all day long. Have your morning brew and when you feel like having another cup at mid-day, there is no need to make another brew, or worst, reheat the morning brew.


DCM18S Thermal Brew ‘n Go
Personal Coffeemaker
(with Travel Mug)

The thermal carafe that comes with every model of this line guaranties hot coffee all day. The carafe included could either be made of stainless steel or glass. The carafe’s lid is airtight to ensure that your brew remains piping hot for four hours.

A notable feature of this line is the Sneak-a-Cup wherein you can “sneak” and “grab” a cup of coffee while the coffee maker is still brewing a batch.

Another feature that practically pampers coffee aficionados is the four-button touch pad that lets you program the time and date you want the Black and Decker thermal coffee maker make a fresh pot of gourmet brew.

Popular models in this series are: TCE308; TCM800; TCM508; DE790B and ODC405.

Minor Problems

Consumer reviews claim that this series is really slow at brewing coffee, which is a great thing as the extraction is enhanced. A hot cup is ensured for at least 3 to 4 hours as long as the carafe’s lid is tightly sealed.

Some consumers complain than the hot plate does not work and a metallic taste remains on the steel carafe. Others report of the carafe overflowing when brewing which is rather expected if the lid is not properly placed.

Black and Decker Infuze Coffee Maker

These Black and Decker coffee makers give full-flavored brew akin to a French press coffee.

The machine is programmable. All that is needed to be done is to set the clock, press a button or two and the coffee maker will do its bit.

The brewing process is quick yet the coffee produced is well-rounded and full-flavored.

Black & Decker Brew ‘N Go Coffeemaker

The process is fairly straightforward. The heater at the base of the machine heats up the water and rises to the top chamber (where the coffee grounds are) and remains there for 3 to 4 minutes while in contact with the grounds. After that, the coffee swooshes down to the carafe, ready to be poured for a great cup of coffee.

The Infuze coffee maker is the Black and Decker Vacuum coffee maker line. One of the pros of this coffee maker is the fact that the coffee grounds do not come in contact with any metal thereby preserving its flavor.

Only the caffeine and oils are released during the infusion for a great cup of coffee. There is no bitter after-taste or metallic flavor in the brew.

The Black and Decker Infuze/Vacuum coffee maker are designed for optimum aesthetics and functions. Notable models are the APPVB 100 and the VB100.

Some Disadvantages

The downside is that the Black and Decker Infuze/Vacuum coffee maker carafe is almost impossible to clean as the heating coil is attached to the carafe. Some customers complained that the parts are not easy to snap open and close. Others report that the infusion time was much too short and therefore the brew is not as robust as preferred.


The Black & Decker coffee maker is very affordable. For the low price of less than $20 you can have a 5-cup coffee maker.

For less than $30 you can buy a 12-cup Black and Decker coffee makers. The brand is a good value for your money. No coffee maker is perfect. Each has its own quirks and irks.

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