Bikila LS Shoe – Men’s by Vibram Fivefingers



Bikila LS Shoe – Men’s by Vibram Fivefingers CrossFit shoe is perfectly designed for the men that will give your fingers real comfort. On the other hand, you will get separate place for placing your fingers that will always give you good feeling. In this case, this CrossFit shoe will give the outsole design with black and grey color for the users. Moreover, you will get light green color in the finger place that enhances the beauty of the CrossFit shoe very much. For that reason, you should try this training and workout shoes in order to feel the comfort.

Five Fingers Designed Shoe

The best feature is the design of this CrossFit shoe that provides you perfect place for keeping your five fingers very easily. For that reason, your fingers will not hurt any more for long run or jumping for a while. On the other hand, the rubber sole under the fingers will always give a good placement and feeling to your small fingers.

Fitness & Running CrossFit Shoe

The CrossFit Shoe is designed according to the fitness purpose and running purpose. For that reason, any person can wear the shoes and able to run for a long time without any disturbance. Moreover, you will not hurt in your feet and fingers anymore because of having long time running performance. On the other hand, the perfectness of the fitness club will always give you support during any workout. As a result, you can expect to have good time in the gyms for doing different types of exercise.

Polyurethane Lining Design

The design of the CrossFit Shoe is made of polyurethane lining in order to ensure fresh air to your legs and feet. As a result, you will always have good and cool air mesh to your feet without having problem. For that reason, the users will not have any problem wearing these shoes during any season especially in the summer season.

Easy Washable & Drying Feature

This CrossFit Shoe is very easy to clean and washable for any person. In fact, the design and leathered shoe is very easy to clean with any type of detergent you want. On the other hand, the color of the shoe will never become lighter after washing like other shoes. For that reason, you can easily trust on the colors and keep it in any dry place like under sunlight in order to dry your shoes as soon as possible. However, you can also keep the shoes over the cooking heat of your kitchen in order to dry this.

CrossFit Shoe Light Weighed

The CrossFit Shoe is very light weighted for any person to wear and run for a long time. When you will get any heavy weighted workout shoes in feet, you will not able to continue long time running course as well as workouts. But, this 6.0 oz each man’s shoe will always give them the real comfort during wearing this. Moreover, you can wear or use the CrossFit Shoe when you are in your vacation in the beach or any resort.


  1. Fivefingers Design Enhance Comfort of CrossFit Shoe
  2. Polyurethane Lining Design Enables Fresh Air
  3. Easy Washable with Drying Option
  4. Light Weight CrossFit Shoe (Only 6.0 oz)


  1. Colors May Not Suit Everyone
  2. Only Available for Men

Bikila LS Shoe – Men’s by Vibram Fivefingers shoe will always provide good and suitable workplace in the workout in gym or running in any open air. For that reason, your fingers will far from any type of hurts as well as your feet because of the soft leather and easy to wash shoes.


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