Better Bodies Gym Belt

Review Summary
The Better Body Belt is a weighted abdominal belt. It is a simple cloth belt that fits around the waist and can be adjusted to most sizes. 3 one pounds weights can be placed in the pockets around the belt, and more may be purchase and added if desired. The Better Body Belt seems designed to combine the benefits of a support belt, girding up the back and ab muscles, with a weight belt. This means the belt should also increase the challenge of basic exercises like walking, increase circulation, and reduce waist size according to the official website.

This product comes in four different sizes, from small to extra large, to accommodate waist sizes between 22 and 48 inches. The website states the Better Body Belt works the abs, back, legs, and entire body. It is not clear whether the belt is intended for use on these areas of the body or if the added weight simply challenges them more. The up and down movement of the weights drive this system as it has no apparent mechanical component. Each belt comes with a 3 step plan that instructs the customer on how to maximize fitness and weight loss results.
Information About Manufacturer
Lavelle J. Jones is the founder of the Better Body Belt company. A veteran of both the Vietnam war and the electronics industry, Mr. Jones has used his life experiences to help him create the Better Body Belt which seems to be the company’s only product at this time. Better Body Belt can be purchased through the manufacturer’s website, which also provides contact information for the company should you feel the need to contact them with question or comments.

This product has undergone 3rd party testing which revealed the Better Body Belt is capable of relieving back pain to a certain extent. It is unclear whether the fitness claims made about this product were confirmed in the course of the study, which was conducted by an independent researcher in Florida. This product does not have clearance from the FDA at this time, though that should not imply it is necessarily unsafe to use.
•Has 3rd party testing supporting the claims made about it
•Can be purchased directly from the manufacturer via their official website
•Comes with three 1 lb. weights and it seems more can be added for an increased challenge
•Seems too bulky to be worn discreetly under clothing
•Is not cleared for use by the FDA at this time
•Not mechanical and requires exercise for maximum effectiveness
•Weight of this belt may make it too heavy to be worn comfortably by some customers
Price and Shipping Information
The official website is the primary retailer of the Better Body Belt and sells this product for about $80, depending on whether they are running a promotion or not. This price includes the belt itself and 3 weights that fit into the belt’s pockets. There are no bonus materials sold with the Better Body Belt at this time. One should expect standard shipping charges to apply as well as tax.

As far as how long it will take the Better Body Belt to arrive at your door after ordering, it is unclear. At this time the website does not explicitly state how long shipping will take or how much the company charges for shipping, handling, and tax. There is no mention of whether or not the Better Body Belt company ships their product internationally.
The Better Body Belt is like a lot of other weighted exercise belts on the market at first glance, though the difference between this product and others is its 3rd party clinical trial. This study revealed the Better Body Belt is capable of relieving certain kinds of back pain even if it did not delve into the question of whether or not it can slim and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Better Body Belt is the sole product from its manufacturer, which can be easily contacted via the official website. Orders, too, can be placed on this site as its online store is the primary retailer for this product. Whether you are interested in the Better Body Belt or another product, be sure to thoroughly research any exercise equipment you are considering adding to your exercise regimen. The web is full of reviews and customer feed back that should help you make an educated decision.


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