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Welcome to our site about weight lifting gloves. Here you will be able to find the latest information about the different types of weight lifting gloves available and where you can get your hands on them.

Designed for Comfort.

Weight lifting gloves will provide you with extra comfort when you are doing your workout. The last thing that you want is painful blisters or sores if you exercise a lot. Thankfully most makes of weight lifting gloves are made of material specifically with comfort in mind. You can expect most gloves to be made of leather, soft leather or Neoprene which provides a good level of comfort for general workouts. Also available for more intense use are a mixture of these material combined with gel padded grips and lycra wrist straps.

Designed for Durability.

Most gloves available will be satisfactory for light workouts and will last a reasonable length of time. Some are reinforced in the thumb area and palms to provide better grip and durability. Most gloves will last for a long while if used for just cross training and other less intense exercise. If you are using them for weight training several times a week, then you will expect to be buying replacement gloves a few times a year.

Designed for Your Workouts.

If you are into weight training using machines or free weights, the gloves are essential if you are training more than once a week. If you train several times a week with heavy weights then it would be worth spending that little bit extra to get the best quality gloves that you can. They are also suitable for use on cross trainers and rowing machines especially if you are training more than twice week. Most types of weight lifting gloves will suit this purpose with no problems.

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Valeo Weight Lifting Gloves

Valeo® is your one-stop source for all of your personal fitness and workplace safety needs since the introduction of the original Classic Belt in 1988. They continue to develop products of uncompromising quality and value.

Valeo Weight Lifting Gloves

Valeo Ocelot Wrist Wrap Lifting Gloves

These gloves are made exclusively for heavy lifting. The slow recovery Ergo-Foam padding provides protection and excellent grip during those tough sessions. Wrist strap stability is also present making it the ideal choice for frequent workouts and heavy lifting.

The super soft leather is very durable and together with the ability to machine wash the gloves makes them last a long time.

Available in 4 sizes from Small to X-Large.

Customer Review

“These are well made padded gloves for lifting. I’ve just been using them for a few weeks, but so far, so good. The extra wrist support is great for close grip benching (I used to have extra wrip wraps with my old gloves for additional wrist support). However, with these gloves, I have plenty of support. I would gladly recommend these to anyone that does heavy lifiting.”

Valeo Competition Wrist Wrap Lifting Gloves

The wrist wrap stability used in these gloves are again the main point to look at. Durable double leather palms and double stitching give them excellent comfort, grip and stability.

Adjustable hook and loop closure allows adjustment of the fitting. The gloves are also machine washable.

Available in 6 sizes from X-Small to XX-Large

Customer Review

“Have been using this item for the past couple of months now, overall the product is not that bad and gives good support for your wrist during heavy lifting. I haven’t had any problems with the gloves yet expect the fact that I kinda wish the palm side grip was a little better but for its price I’m not asking for anything more. So in short…strong wrist support and works with heavy lifting just fine.”

Valeo GMLS Meshback Lifting Gloves

Mainly for use during less intense exercise or with lighter weights. The meshback gloves do not provide the same stability or padding as the more expensive gloves.

Made of genuine leather with padded palms, they are still very comfortable for use on cross trainers and bikes together with lighter dumbells and machines.

Available in 6 sizes from X-Small to Xx-Large

Customer Review

“Even thou I bought this item for weight lifting, I found out it was better suited for mountain biking, because of it’s durability (weight lifting materials and make) and well ventilated design (mesh back). Weight lifting gloves should have a wrist band ! in order to protect joints.”

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Harbinger Weight Lifting Gloves

Harbinger have been providing equipment for weight training and fitness since 1988. Here is a few of their weight lifting gloves available today.

Harbinger Weight Lifting Gloves

Harbinger 155 Power StretchBack Glove

This design is a fantastic performance glove which has a reinforced thumb, double leather palm, and fingers backed with foam to shield your hands from the rigors of any training routine. They are also double stitched throughout to allow the gloves to last longer when used a lot for heavy resistance workouts.

Flexibility and comfort assisted by the Strechback lycra provides an excellent fit and increases breathabilty. The fit can be adjusted more through an adjustable wrist closure and the shorter finger lengths allow the gloves to feel great and natural whilst you are lifting.

Available in 5 sizes from Small up to XX-Large.

Customer Review

“I bought these after my last pair of Harbinger gloves wore out after about 3 or 4 years. These feel even better, with a nice snug fit and they come on and off easier than the last pair did. I’m very satisfied with this purchase”

Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro FlexClosure Wash & Dry Gloves

The 143 gloves are specially designed for all purpose training and are constructed of ventilator mesh. This allows the hands to breathe during your training routine, whilst also being protective and the fabric is easy to clean allowing for the gloves to be machine washable.

Flexibility and comfort are provided with the adjustable wrist closures and short finger lengths provide and natural feel during your training routine.

Available in 5 sizes from Small to X-Large

Customer Review

“I recently started casually lifting at the gym. After getting into heavier weights, I found that my limits were more based on what pain my hands could take from holding the metal weights and bars, instead of what my muscles could lift. So I bought these gloves and couldn’t be happier. Now I can focus on lifting the weight rather than worrying about my hands getting torn up.”

Harbinger 1250 Training Grip WristWrap Glove

Specifically designed with frequent heavy lifters in mind, these gloves provide excellent WristWrap technology which helps support and stabalise the wrist when it is needed. They can be adjusted very easily to experiment with comfort and support.

The TechGel comfort pads on your hands aid with comfort and durability as needed. The fingers are slighty more extended to provide extra protection. The 1250′s can also be hand washed when required without loss of integrity.

Available in 5 sizes from Small to X-Large

Customer Review

“These gloves are expensive but worth the money. They give you great wrist support as well as protecting your hands. I had some cheaper Harbinger gloves before and they were good as well. But the extra money gives you better protection for the hands and a feeling that these gloves will last you a few years”


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