Best Water Softener Brands


There are a lot of water softeners on the market today but which are the best water softener brands?

We are going to discuss a few of the best water softeners that are made today but first we want to give you a little information on what hard water is, what a water softener does and how they work.

Hard water is caused by minerals in your water, mainly calcium and magnesium. When these minerals are present in your water system, three grains per gallon (GPG) or 171 part per million (PPM) or more, then your water is considered hard.

Hard water can cause many problems such as leaving scale buildup in your plumbing system, around your water fixtures and causing your laundry soap, hand soap and dish washing soap to not suds correctly.

Scale build up around your fixtures is unsightly and a pain to clean, scale build up in your plumbing system can ruin your pipes and water heater and you will be using more soap than is necessary when your soap does not produce suds correctly.

The best water softeners can solve all of these problems for you. How do they do this? Well water softeners simply removes the minerals that are causing your hard water problems. They accomplish this by using a tank filled with resin beads that are negatively charged and sodium ions which are positively charged. When your hard water travels through the tank and travel over the resin beads the calcium and magnesium ions, which hold a stronger positive charge then the sodium ions, are swapped with the sodium ions.

So in essence, water softeners take hard water and turn it into soft water. Of course this is just a quick and simple explanation however this should help you understand how water softeners work. Next we will discuss some of the best water softener brands that can be found in the market today.

Before choosing a water softener system makes sure to read a few water softener reviews to make sure that you choose the best water softener for your individual needs.

Best Water Softener Brands

Culligan Water Softeners

Culligan offers several single and twin tank water softeners which all have very sophisticated controls. These controls operate the regeneration of the tanks, they monitor soft water and salt levels and they will signal when ever there are any maintenance needs.

Culligan water softeners have been a leader in the soft water market for over 70 years making them one of the best water softener brands you can find today.

Fleck Water Softeners

Fleck water softeners are single tank water softeners that provide sophisticated controls that allow you to soft water output as well as salt levels. These water softeners use a metered system which means that your water softener will automatically regenerate when necessary. This type of water softener system can actually save money and water versus a time clock control system.

GE Water Softeners

GE water softeners are very popular because of their space saving single tank units. GE water softener systems come with controls that allow you to easily monitor water output and salt levels. One of the features that make GE water softeners stand out is that you do not need a professional to install them. If you are looking to save money on installation costs then this is one of the best water softener brands for you.

Kenmore Water Softeners

Kenmore produces an all-in-one water softener unit that is great for those who are limited on space. This is a single tank unit that has compact controls that are actually inside of the brine tank. The controls let you monitor water output stats as well as salt levels. If you are looking for a compact water softener then Kenmore may be the right choice for you.

WaterBoss Water Softeners

WaterBoss water softeners are another great product for those who have limited space. Additionally, these water softeners regenerate very quickly and use very little water and salt during the process. This will save you money on your water bill and on the purchase of salt.

Kinetico Water Softeners

Best Water Softener Brands

Kinetico water softeners are a unique type of water softener as they do not use electricity. Instead they use the kinetic energy of water to power the system which is going to save you money on your electrical bill. The twin tank design is a wonderful feature as it allows you to regenerate one tank while the other tank will continue to provide soft water to the house. Because of there non-electrical design Kinetico water softeners are one for the best water softener brands for those looking to save money.

Morton Water Softeners

Although the Morton company may be better known for their table salt they are also a leading manufacturer of water softeners. As with GE water softeners, Morton water softener systems can easily be installed yourself saving you installation costs. In addition they are compact and can be used in tight spaces. Their programmable control system allows you to obtain soft water with little effort.

Hopefully this information gives you a better idea of what are considered to be the best water softener brands that are available today. As always it is suggest that before you decide on any water softener that you read through as many water softener reviews as you can find to make sure which of the water softener brands will be best for your situation.


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