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When you buy a water filtration system it’s important to get the right one. There are numerous models available and each one offers different features, provides different benefits, and costs a little more or less depending on the product. For that reason it’s important that you do a little bit of research on what the best solution is for you. The following information will help you decide what type of water filtration system to buy and how to find the best price.

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The first thing you’ll want to consider when buying a water filtration system is what type of system you’re looking for. There are basically two options when it comes to water filtration systems: flow through systems, like the under the sink mounted water filtration system or the whole house water filter systems and then there’s the refrigeration water filter systems. By far the most popular are the under the sink mounted water filter systems because they provide instant and effortless filtered water that takes all of the important contaminants out of the water (bad taste and odor, Chlorine, sediment, lead, Cryptosporidium and Giardia, Mercury, VOC’s, MTBE and Chloramines). If you’ve got particularly bad water, it may be worthwhile to get a whole house water filtration system. As the name implies they filter all of the water for your house and can take out some of the unpleasant things like chlorine and rust and sediment that affect more than just drinking water. Finally there are the refrigeration water filtration systems. These systems are great for just filling with water and placing them into your refrigerator. You don’t have to worry about installing anything.

The next thing to look at when you buy a water filtration system is how easy it is to install the system. With the refrigeration water filtration system you don’t have to install anything, the unit just sits in your refrigerator. However, most people don’t want to keep filling the water dispenser so they opt for something like the under the sink water filtration system. There are variety of models available for under the counter mounted water filtration systems, but most of them are about the same when it comes to installation. They have quick disconnect fittings that make connecting the filter to the water supply easy. The hardest part of installing the under sink filter systems is cutting a whole through the sink or counter. Some sinks have a punch-out for this type of installation but if yours doesn’t you’ll have to find a way to cut the right size hole.

Another factor that’s important in your water filtration purchase decision is how much water you plan on drinking. If you’re like me you drink a lot of water. And if you have a large family or end up filling water bottles all the time you’ll need to get a higher capacity water filter system.
Filtration maintenance is an important factor to consider as well. You can get a smaller water filtration system but you’ll end up spending more on filters and have to replace them more often. Getting the appropriate sized water filter is a big factor in maintaining a water filtration system; get it right and they’re more or less maintenance free.

An important factor to consider is what contaminants you need to filter out. There are a variety of filters that will handle just the basics like iron, sulfur and chlorine, to the top of the line filters that will handle everything you can think of (including nasty bacteria that tend to live in water).
Finally, the price of the system will probably affect your decision when you buy a water filtration system. There a couple of different models out there that have different prices but don’t be fooled. Some filter systems make their money on the water filters themselves instead of the water filtration systems. Check out how often the manufacturer recommends changing the water filters and how expensive those are.

Where to Buy a Water Filtration System

There are a number of online retailers that have water filtration systems and most often they’re very close on price. From what I’ve found, if you’re going to buy a water filtration system online your best bet is at Amazon. They have a pretty wide selection and they’re almost guaranteed to have the lowest price since they deal in bulk. Plus you get great customer service and free shipping. My advice is to check out Amazon’s selection of water filtration systems on pick up a couple of extra filters so that you can get those shipped free too!

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