Best Water Filter Reviews


Comparison of Best Water Purifiers & Home Water Filtration Systems

Here you can find impartial water filters reviews and compare best water purifier brands for home or commercial use.

Brita, Pur, Culligan, Berkey, Aquasana, GE and Whirlpool are currently the most respected brands for residential and industrial waster filtration systems.


GE Smart Water Filter
Safe & Easy to Replace Residential Refrigerator Filtration System

The GE SmartWater filter MWF is proof of what today’s technology can acomplish. With easy “twist and turn” replacement, GE Smart Water filtration system canremove lead; reduce Mercury, chlorine…


KitchenAid Water Filter
Superba Kitchen Aid Replacement Water Filters Buying Guide

The Popularity of new KitchenAid Superba water filter will increase as the company keeps making replacement refrigerator filters that can fit into appliances from Whirlpool, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana…


Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter
In-line & Interior Whirlpool Fridge PuR First Replacement Instructions

You can buy in-line (wall, under counter water wave, sink) or interior Whirlpool refrigerator water filters for both grill fridge models and other ice making appliances…


Salt Water Aquarium Filters
How to Choose the Right Aquarium Filtration System, Media & Setup

People often avoid running aquarium salt water filtration systems because they feel its too complicated to operate. However, with right setup, location and lighting, buying salt water aquarium packages…


Camping Water Purifier
What’s the Best Filtration System or Camping Water Filter for Hiking?

A portable camping water filtration system for hiking or backpacking is critical to good health, especially when you have no choice but consume contaminated water from sources like rivers, lakes, campground water faucets, etc.


RV Water Filters
Comparison of Whole, In-line & Reverse Osmosis Systems

From RV water filter cartridges, canisters to installing in-line or whole RV RO systems; living off the grid has become cheap…


Salt Water Pool Filter
Systems Maintenance & Common Problems

How a salt water pool filters work is no mystery. Free of chlorine, salt water pool systems disinfect organisms, killing bacteria and maintain purification…

Faucet Water Filters Comparison
Kitchen Faucet Mounted Water Purifiers by Pur, Brita & Culligan

Today, you can buy kitchen faucet mounted water filters with air-gap or non-gap purifiers. Most popular are Brita, Culligan and Pur faucet water filter with modern 3 stage filtration system at affordable prices.

Undersink Water Filters
How to Choose the Best Under Sink Water Purifier System?
Good quality under sink water filtration systems can remove hardness, odor and bad taste from tap water source. Installation of ceramic under sink water filters can be easily done by most residential DIY owners…

Drinking Salt Water
Facts about Dangers, Cleanse Effects, Density & Boiling Point

What are the dangers of drinking sea salt water for cleanse or dehydration? How density of salt water effects its boiling point compared to fresh drinking…


Salt Water Purification Process
What Techniques are Used to turn Salt Into Drinking Fresh Water in Plants?

Salt water purifiers can be understood as systems used to filter salty water from rivers into fresh water for daily consumption, or as a sodium filtration units used to soften hardness…


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