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Guide on choosing the best water filter pitcher for home and office

When you are shopping for the best water filter pitcher, you should not be overly concerned with just the retail prices.  It is important to find out how the filtration process works, and what impurities are removed after the filtration process.  The best water filter pitcher is one which can give you the best water quality – water that tastes good and is free from color and odor.

Water Filter 

A good water filter pitcher should be able to reduce or remove entirely the following contaminants and impurities in water:

  1. sediment, dirt, rust and any large particles
  2. dissolved materials such as lead, iron, aluminum, nickel, copper and  mercury
  3. harmful bacteria
  4. chlorine and fluoride
  5. bad taste and odors
  6. pesticides and other pharmaceutical substances and chemicals (such as arsenic) that are harmful to the body

In addition, you should also consider the number of people who will drink from the pitcher.  If you have a big family, or an office with many staff, then you need to get a pitcher with bigger capacity.

You may also want to read the best water filter pitcher product reviews and consumer reports.  It will be good if you can do a water filter pitcher comparison reports for different brands in the market before you decide on which brand of water filter to invest in.

We have prepared a product comparison checklist which you can print and use when doing your research to find the best water filter pitcher for home or office use.

Why choose water filter pitcher as your filtration system

The water filter pitcher system is a popular choice for small households and small offices which require small quantities of filtered water.   Most brands of  water filter pitcher come in sizes capable of serving between 4 to 18 cups of water per jug.  The water filter pitcher is designed to sit on counter table tops.  Some pitcher models are called ‘refrigerator water filter’ because it is small enough to fit into refrigerators thus ensuring that you get chilled filtered water.

The pitcher water filter is inexpensive, easy to maintain, and does not require any complicated installation.  The water filter pitcher system consists of a jug with a compartment for inserting the filter. To get filtered water, pour water onto the top of the pitcher.  It may take a few minutes for the water to flow through the filter into the main jug.  In order to get quality water all the time, you must change the filter at regular intervals, as set by the manufacturers.

In case you can’t find the best water filter pitcher system suitable for your needs, you might want to consider other water filtration systems for your home, like the faucet mounted filters and the under the sink filters.

Leading brands for best water filter pitcher

The leading brands for best water filter pitcher based on the bestseller list in Amazon shopping site  are Pur,   Brita, Mavea, Zero, clear2o, Culligan, GE, Barrier, Seychelle, Homedics, Aquasana and Crystal Quest.  We will continue to review some of these best water filter pitcher models in our review pages for your convenience.



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