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Comparing Filters & Purification Methods


The Best Water Filter Guide is geared towards opening your eyes to the dangerous contaminants that exist in your tap water and revealing which home filtration unit removes these contaminants most effectively.

We Have Researched & Written About The Following The possible health effects of drinking water contaminants

– Why some bottled water may not be as clean as you think

– The advantages and disadvantages of the various types of water filtration units such as whole house filters, shower head and faucet mounted filters etc.

– Which is the best water filter brand, consistently voted Best Buy In America

– Health benefits of drinking water that is filtered

– How home water filtration systems work

– What a comparison of the various methods of water purification, such as, reverse osmosis and distillation reveals

– How filtered water gives your children a head start in life

– Which water filter can have virtually an immediate impact on your skin, making it look more healthy and radiant

– Why the government cannot be totally relied on to carry out effective water quality monitoring

– The #1 thing to know that guarantees you’re purchasing a quality water purifier or filter

– The best way to store your drinking water

– Replacement cartridges and other costs involved in owning a filtration unit

– And lots more information on the Best Water Filter Guide that helps you bring cleaner, healthier water into your home and bodies

Why You Need A Water Filter

Home filtration is necessary because regardless of municipal water treatment, some level of bacteria, chemicals or drugs still remains in your water supply.

These contaminants, have been linked to a host of health problems including cancers and learning disorders.

The well-respected Ralph Nader Research Institute asserts that there are more than 2100 cancer-causing toxic chemicals found in the water supply throughout North America.

So what have millions of people done – turned to bottled water.

Many companies saw the selling of bottled water as a way to provide so called clean and healthy drinking water. It even became kind of popular to walk around with a bottle water in hand, just like celebrities do. It still is.

Unfortunately, a popular study showed that 25% of bottled water is slightly cleaner or no cleaner than tap water. And even worse, unlike your tap water, the bottled water industry is not as strictly unregulated; which could leave you the consumer, totally at risk.

Thank goodness, all is not lost.

If you are looking for pure, clean, healthy drinking water, the best way to go is to purchase a home water filter. Not any ol’ water filter but the premier water filters on the market.

A high quality water filtration system is designed to remove foul smells, sediment, chlorine, bacteria, giardia, MTBE and numerous other contaminants; in some cases up to 99% removal.

Just imagine for a second that you could be ingesting a host of hazardous chemicals via a glass of water right now. These water supply contaminants won’t kill you right away but over time could play havoc with your health.

So if you asking yourself – “Ok, how do I know which is the best water filter? or Where can I buy a quality household water filter? – you have arrived at the right place.

These are some of the things that will be answered for you right here, at the Best Water Filter Guide. 

Air Purifier Systems – What You Must Know
What you must consider before buying air purifier systems

Whole House Water Filter – Bye Bye Unclean Tap Water
The best whole house water filter and how it can boost your health and save money

#1 Countertop Water Filter – Drink Contaminant Free Water
Why this countertop water filter is the best on the market for the safest, cleanest drinking water

Under Sink Water Filter – For The Clean Drinking water
Why an under sink water filter is so darn effective in removing contaminants from your tap water

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter – How It Benefits You
How a reverse osmosis water filter works and what to look out for when you buy one.

Shower Water Filters Make You Look Younger
The anti-aging and health benefits of shower water filters

Ultraviolet Water Purifiers Could Save Lives
How ultraviolet water purifiers could save lives and what you should know before you buy one

Water Softener Facts
What you should know about a water softener before you buy one

Water Conditioner – Safer Water For Cooking, Drinking & Bathing
How a whole house water conditioner is a great stepping stone to safer drinking water for your family

Water Ionizers – Buyer Beware
Find out if water ionizers are worth buying.

Filtered Water Cooler – The Cleanest Water In The Office
Don’t drink water from just any cooler. Here is why you should drink from a filtered water cooler.

Commercial Water Filter Systems That Make Drinking Water Healthier
Commercial water filter systems that are powerful at removing tap water contaminants and need no electricity

Refrigerator Water Filters
How refrigerator water filters improve your water taste, save you money and protect your health

Well Water Filters – Where To Get Quality Ones
If you get water from a well, you need these well water filters for safe drinking water

Water Distiller – The Ideal Water Filter?
What you need to know about a water distiller before you buy one

Faucet Water Filter – Making Your Tap Water Safer
Why a faucet water filter is a low cost way to providing healthy drinking water in your home

Pitcher Water Filter – Can It Benefit Your Family
How a pitcher water filter can make your tap water cleaner and better tasting

Bottled Water Delivered To Your Door
The health benefits of drinking bottled water and where to buy it online

Inline Water Filters – Things To Consider
Consumers – before you inline water filters, consider these factors.

Methods of Water Purification – Which is #1
The various methods of water purification and which ones work best

Water Filter Comparison
Water filter comparison – evaluating effectiveness, cost and ease of installation between water filters

Drinking Water Contamination – Remove Chemicals In Your Water
How drinking water contamination may be affecting your health and how to eliminate this threat.

Discounted Home Water Filter Cartridge
Where to get a quality, affordable home water filter cartridge for your filtration system

Water Filter Articles – The Answers To Safer Tap Water
Informative water filter articles help you choose the best water filter for your home

Site Map For Best Water Filter Guide
Best Water Filter Guise Site Map – What You Need To Know About Water Filters

Aquasana Water Filters – #1 In America
Why you can trust Aquasana Water Filters To Effectively Clean Your Drinking Water

Methods To Raise Drinking Water pH
Methods to raise drinking water pH with home water filtration units

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