Best Walkie Talkies For Kids


Kids walkie talkies become one of the most well-known toys that you can give for your kids to play. By using kids walkie talkies, your kids will be able to communicate with their friend. Usually, those products are created into a watch or other toys and they will be a great Christmas present that you could give your child.

The use of kids walkie talkies will be useful for you because they would help you to control the existence of your kids. If you would like to have these products, you must have enough knowledge to help you in determining the right option for you. Here, you can see some options of those products that you can opt for fulfilling your needs.

Little Tikes Adventure Kids Walkie Talkies

Little Tikes Adventure Kids Walkie Talkies are the first option for you. Using these products will be a great adventure for your kids and they could help you in controlling them in order not to get lost. They have tough and durable design for rough and rowdy play. The feature of antenna could fold down for storage and it has On/OFF switch Volume control. They also include 2 interlocking warlike talkies

Disney Princess Walkie Talkies

Disney Princess Walkie Talkies are also good option of kids walkie talkies you need to consider. These products are advised for kids who are 36 months – 9 years old.  By using them, your kids will have fun for spending the time to play.

Toy Story 3D Walkie Talkie

Toy Story 3D Walkie Talkie is also another selection of kids walkie talkies you can get for your kids. They are perfect for use indoors and outdoors for maximum play potential so your kids will have fun for having it. This collection is built in to figures of Buzz and Woody. You can simply lift their right arm in the air press the button on their chest and talk away, while the other user listens to the conversation.

Lexibook Spiderman First Walkie Talkies

Also, you could opt for Lexibook Spiderman First Walkie Talkies as the right option of kids walkie talkies. They are created to suit the needs of all superheroes. They include sound effect and video camera simulation, transmission range of up to 300 feet, a morse function, belt clip, volume control and a flexible antenna. For operating them, you need the use of 2 x 9V batteries.

Barbie First Walkie Talkies

Barbie First Walkie Talkies are the next option of kids walkie talkies you must check out. By using these units, you could keep in touch with your friends and they have high tech design. They include digital camera simulation. Also, these units have a system of transmission that range of up to 300 feet volume control flexible antennae and belt clip.

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Walkie Talkies

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Walkie Talkies are also the next choice of kids walkie talkies you could purchase for your kids. They are the first preschool appropriate walkie talkies which are tough enough and easy enough to stand up to typcial, rough preschooler use.

By using these units, your kids will be allowed to communicate with each other from a distance of 200 feet. They also feature a Kid-Tough hand grip, push to talk/release listening detail, a volume dial, a flexible safety antenna and a power on/off switch.


Walkie talkies for kids are now becoming a very popular item among many kids all over the world. We’re all known that kids tend to have incredible imaginations and simply love the idea that they and their friends can communicate easily through these walkie talkies for kids whenever they want. This idea is as old as connecting two cans together by a string and talking into one end and listening through the other.

The fact of the matter said that walkie talkies for kids have come a long way since the cans and string method. Today, there are various different types of walkie talkies for kids that parents can choose from to make their little ones happy. Some of the different kids themed products include: Transformer Power heads, US Military Strike Force, Disney Princess, National Geographic, MGA Marvel Spiderman, Fisher-Price Kid-Tough, and many others.

Actually, these walkie talkies for kids have a very limited range with most transmitting at most 2000 feet. There is also some degree of static that has been reported by users with the less expensive models. However, walkie talkies for kids are not meant to be a professional grade product, but one that lets kids to explore their imagination and play with the idea of communicating with their friends when they get together.

Kids love the idea that they can communicate with each other in some secret way. It gives them a sense that they are on some type of secret mission that only they are privy to. So, if you have a plan to purchase walkie talkies for kids for a special birthday or holiday; you will be surprised at the amount of usage these toys will get. Your kids will spend vast amounts of time making up different secret scenarios with their other friends through the endless creativity.

Walkie talkies for kids come in styles and themes that appeal to kids at the age of three on up and it is not only the boys that have a wide selection to choose from. Girls can also choose from themes like: Discovery Exclusive Flip Phone, Hello Kitty, Disney characters, and many others. One of the great things about these devices is that you will not have to pay for cell phone bills. Also, there is more intimacy that is developed when kids are talking to each other than when they send messages to each other.

Today, there are also games called Walkie Talkies for kids at Christmas which can be given as a perfect surprise present to your kids. Younger kids love to play hide and seek. What could be more fun than hiding in the garden or park and being able to contact your friends in an instant? With multiple choices of Walkie talkies for kids, individuals can contact the whole gang at the same time.

Another good thing about giving your lovely one walkie talkies for kids is that you can save lots of money instead of giving them a cell phone. There are various websites out there which offer you numerous choices of cheap walkie talkies for kids. So, you do not have to worry about being out of stock.



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