Best Walkie Talkies for Kids Review


Is your kid pestering you to get them a smartphone but they are only 5 years old? This happens frequently, especially today when even children are utterly obsessed with gadgets. We adults are using them all the time, so they figure, why wouldn’t they? If this is the case and you’re really not comfortable with buying your kid a smartphone just yet, there are alternatives you can consider.

Consider buying your kids a walkie-talkie. Kids walkie-talkies offer them an opportunity to experience from the first hand just how convenient communication is without making them available to everyone all the time. If you have two or more children, consider buying them a set of four walkie-talkies for kids. This way they can communicate amongst themselves during play but they can also give one to their best friend in the neighborhood and keep lines of communication open at all times. Children are usually delighted with the prospect of being able to communicate with their friend in secret and whenever they want. Plus, this also allows them to play out war and spy scenarios to their heart’s content! Please check out out walkie-talkies reviews.

ImageKids Friendly Walkie-TalkiePriceOur Rating
Retevis RT628$$
Spy Gear* Best Seller *$$
UOKOO* Long Range​ *$$

A walkie-talkie for kids is far more than a communication device; it is an experience and a toy, primarily. So if you decide to buy one you really don’t have to go all out. Your kids don’t require a high-end device that will allow them to communicate across great distances, record voice or use Morse code. They would have no idea how to use a device with such features. Be smart and save yourself some money. Buy walkie-talkies that are marketed for kids.

Why Get Your Kid a Walkie-Talkie​

First of all, a walkie-talkie set is a great way to stay in touch around the house and the neighborhood without you having to buy them a cell phone that puts them at risk. Here are only a couple of reasons why your kids would benefit from having a walkie-talkie set.​

  • It would expose them to technology at an early age and allow them to get accustomed to it early on. This will set them in a right direction and also gives you an opportunity to teach them how to safely use technology.
  • It will teach them the value of communication from the get go. Nothing in today’s society is accomplished without decent communication skills and giving your kids walkie-talkies will help them learn that communication is the key to success.
  • You can use them to stay in touch with your kids while they are playing around the house and join in on the fun as well. Walkie-talkies are a great toy that both adults and kids can use and they will bring your entire family closer together!

What to Look for in a Good Walkie-Talkie for Kids

As we already mentioned, kids won’t care too deeply about the specs of the device, if it has a 5-mile range or any of the other things that adults usually consider when buying a walkie-talkie. This means you can afford to buy cheaper models without it being too big of a deal for your child.

There are several things you should keep in mind, however.​

  • Kids don’t like ugly toys – try to get a walkie-talkie set that has been branded for children. So make sure it is colorful or shaped like one of their favorite cartoon characters. Keep in mind that they will care for little else if they find their walkie-talkies to be unappealing. You can persuade them to use it by pointing out how cool the specifications are. For kids, the appearance is all that matters.
  • Buy a durable device – we all know how kids are. Chances are that the walkie-talkies you get them will get tossed around more frequently than used so make sure to buy those made from quality materials. Sure, you might end up spending a bit more at the start but at least, you won’t have to buy a completely new set every week.
  • Range – As we already mentioned, range is of no particular importance to smaller kids since they will be using it inside and around the house anyway. But if you are buying a walkie-talkie set for a 12-year old or a 14-year old, range might come into play. In this case, you should also consider buying a quality device – not professional grade of course, but a walkie-talkie that can cover a radius of up to a mile in a densely populated area.

The thing that you should definitely keep in mind is that the younger you kid is, the most uncomplicated the walkie-talkie you are considering buying for them has to be. You can even buy mock walkie-talkies for toddlers. This is a great idea if you have older kids and a baby in the house. The baby always wants everything others are having. You solve this problem by buying a mock walkie-talkie that serves no function but looks the same as the ones your older children have. That should appease the little bugger! Just make sure that the toy walkie-talkie has no small detachable parts that might constitute a choking hazard.

If you’re buying a device for kids from ages of 3-8 simplicity is the key. They will most likely want it to be their favorite color or with some sort of a sign reminiscent of their favorite cartoon hero but that is basically it. They don’t require any bells or whistles on it and you can skip the fancy bits that might confuse them. A cool design and a push to talk button are all they require.

Older kids will definitely need something more sophisticated since they will probably use it to communicate with their friends living in the area. Spring for a device that has better range but nothing too excessive since kids aged 10 or more usually have a smartphone as well so there is no need to go overboard.

So if you have a kid that is simply dying for a means to communicate with their friends go ahead and get them a walkie-talkie set. It is definitely cheaper than buying them a smartphone and they can get plenty of use out of it! Not to mention, sometimes it can be a source of fun for the entire family!​


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