Best Walkie Talkie Watch


Just like the common type of walkie talkie, walkie talkie watch also offers you an accurate and effective communication. It is also possible for you to have a long distant communication. However, walkie talkie watch comes in a simplest size which provides you easiness in taking it. You only need to wear it in your wrist.

There are lot types of walkie talkie watch available for your option. Different brands and models may offer you different features and accessories. You will need some researches to purchase the right one for our need. The difference may be found in the channels and the radio. Therefore, you have to carefully overview some product.

22 Channel FRS / GMRS Two-Way Radio

This walkie talkie watch is a FRS and GMRS radios. These two-way radios are great device to have a stable communication with your groups anywhere you are. Although you are in outdoor adventure, road trip, amusement park, crowded shopping, or vacation.

This device allows you to ring and hear the radios within the range so that it is similar with your hone cells. The difference is on the fees and the contracts. The FRS and GMRS radios in this walkie talkie watch and work as the wireless so that you can call someone in the distance without any cables.

Those two radios offer you high quality transceivers which can transmit and receive the voice with a great clarity in a long distance. The operation of this walkie talkie uses UHF radio frequency so that you can experience a communication without being interfered.

Overall, the features this walkie talkie watch brings to you are base version of FRS/GRMS. The optimal power which is allowed by FCC is up to 0.5 watts. It allows you to have communication in the range up to 1.5 miles. It is enabled with 4 channels with voice scrambler function. Moreover, it also brings CTCSS function and auto power off function and more. You will find this device as an advanced device.

Walkie-talkie Wrist Watch – Built-in VOX – Support Channel Scanning

This is another option of walkie talkie watch you can consider to have. This device offers you an impressive feature along with the innovative design. It is enabled with VOX which makes you easily operate it. You don’t need to press the PTT button. Moreover, it is also equipped with CTCSS which can reduce the interference. The alarms, stopwatch and calendar in it will provide you some more benefits.

This type of walkie talkie watch allows you to have either one-to-one or group communication. It is compatible to VOX headset so that you can have handsfree conversation. It is capable to automatically eliminate the noise. It is also able to scan the channels.

The format of time in this walkie talkie watch is 12 hour format. It also supplied with alarm with low energy consumption. It is supplied with rechargeable battery which can provide you auto protection while charging. The talk time support is 5 hours.

If you want to purchase this walkie talkie watch, you will also have 2 charges, 2 Li-ion batteries, 2 earphones, and 1 English manual. The sale package may be different.


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