Best Vaporizer Pen: A Guide On What to Look For in Vape Pens


With pen vaporizers getting more and more advanced, and even more popular since its introduction a few years back, it’s now becoming too hard to choose what kind of vape you need.

There are so many features and functions that vary from one brand to another, and one unit to another. There are some with LCDs, with discreet buttons, with a pen-like look, and many more.

There are also so many questions bugging your mind before you jump right on and buy that 200-dollar vaporizer. You have to check about the compatible materials, the look & the feel of your vaporizer, the life of their respective batteries and many more.

But to make things easier, especially if you are still confused on what the best portable vaporizer is, here are some things to look out for when buying a vaporizer pen.

Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Guide

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How much is your budget?

A lot of vape users think about their budgets before shopping around for a pen vape. It usually helps to narrow down choices to those that are within your budget. Various pen vaporizer reviews display prices, as well as online shops. It’s pretty easy to check around the cost of vapes nowadays without even having to leave home.


Expect to shell out around $100 to $200, depending on the brand, quality and the materials. Features also cost extra. Basic ones cost less. However, there are some authorized sellers that sell these great pen vaporizers that actually sell them at lower prices.

So while you may be picking one within your budget, or found one that is more expensive in stores, but is discounted here, then go and buy it. Choose wisely and shop within your budget for your pen vapes – although you may even go beyond your needed budget.

What will you use it for?

Pen vaporizers are usually used for concentrates and liquids. Forget about using your favorite dry blends or herbs with most. However, there are already some pen vapes that are specifically developed for vaporizing dry herbs. Check out some models that also allow you to attach some accessories to utilize both.

If you need a vape that uses dry blends, then portable vaporizers are better for you. Most pen vapes only focus on vaporizing concentrates, as opposed to using dry blends, which is popular amongst portable vaporizers.

Most vapes are for ‘glycerin’ use only. This refers to the type of concentrates that get dissolved in glycerin solution. This solution acts as the water-attracting component that transforms it to vapor when heated. The heating element is called the atomizer. When the atomizer is bound into the cartridge or tank, which makes a single unit, it’s called cartomizer.

Is form or look a big thing for you?

electronic cigarette

There are pen vapes that look very much like a normal-looking pen, and they are quite inconspicuous.

However, there are also those that do not quite look like a vaporizer, but contain lights or LCD displays.

If discreetness is a big thing for you, stick to the basic colors.

But if you want something more colorful and you don’t mind it displaying in public, there are vapes that look beautifully crafted, and are available in a wide variety of colors.

How often do you want to charge your batteries?

Vapers want long battery lives; this is a fact. But not all pen vapes are created equally. Battery power is important because, who would want to run out of juice in the middle of a session? Consider this when buying a vape – especially if you are always on the go.

There are also vapes that use their own proprietary batteries, and these cannot be replaced. You need to have your vape serviced or sent in for a battery replacement. Others have batteries that are removable, and can easily be replaced by the user without having to send it in for servicing.

Is durability an issue for you?

Who doesn’t want a durable vaporizer? The materials used in the pen vape dictate how durable the build is. Some use aluminum while others use stainless steel. This ensures a good heat conductivity, and at the same time, allows the vape to be lightweight and portable.

Check the exterior of the vapes before buying them, if possible. This would give you a good idea on its weight and durability, as well as the feel of the vape when being used. Inspect the construction of the vaporizer, and make sure that it is enough to withstand the occasional drops and accidents.

Would warranty be a deciding factor?

Hand and stamp Guarantee

The common warranty for most vapes is around 1 year. But there are others that only have 90-day warranties. There are some that have 2 years, or even longer. If this is an issue for you, then check out the warranty policies of these pen vaporizers. Some vapes even have lifetime warranties – but they usually come at a price.

Dry Blends or Oils

Pen vaporizers often use  Dry Blends or Oils utilize oils or concentrates while most portable vaporizers use dry blends. Keep this in mind when choosing the right one for you. However, there are portable vapes that can both use oils and dry herbs.

For those who want portable vaporizers, and mostly use dry herbs and blends, check out the  best portable vaporizers to choose from.

For users who opt to use waxes, liquids and other concentrates, then here are some of the best pen vaporizers to choose from.

Omicron Vaporizer 2.0

The Omicron Vaporizer 2.0 is one of those vapes that can be totally disassembled. The battery is removable, which is a plus since not many units have interchangeable batteries, or those that can be replaced by the user. The 1000mAh battery is put into the wall charger when it needs to be charged. It comes with an empty cartridge and a filling tool to let you pre-fill it for up to 1g. A fully charged battery lasts about 200 presses, and a full cartridge can give you 300 to 400 draws.

The V2 is manufactured by Utopia Planitia Technologies. Opening the box is really a treat, because it really feels very exquisite. It has a thin metal cartomizer cartridge. The company also offers some nifty additional accessories, such as the HVD upgrade, which lets you use the V2 as a mini-unit.


Pros: removable battery, easy to use, fairly discreet, very durable and high-quality, has a funnel tool for easy refilling, has 2 batteries in the package, has a 5-click lock

Why you should probably buy it: It’s easy to clean, it can be easily disassembled, and it can be refilled easily with the help of the filling tool.

The removable battery also makes it easier to replace that particular part, without having to buy a whole new set of vape anymore. And it has an unbeatable lifetime warranty!

Why you probably won’t buy it: If you don’t like refilling your own cartridge each time it runs out of oils or concentrates, or if you’d rather have a more pen-looking vaporizer.

Use with: Concentrates; glycerin (accessory sold separately)

Temperature: 400F to 440F

Made out of: aircraft-grade aluminum shell

Warranty: lifetime warranty on all manufacturer defects, 14 days on the battery and 30 days on the charger

G-Pen Vaporizer

The G Pen Vaporizer is a standard pen vaporizer made by Grenco Science. Opening the package is really cool, because it’s reminiscent of a minimalistic gadget box. It does not have any interchangeable parts with other brands; even the threading on the battery unit and its charger are different from each other.


It uses a wick and oil coil cartomizer, which is capable of holding around 2g of concentrates. A full cartridge gives you about 400 puffs, which is more than enough for the whole day.

It has an accessory that looks like a small cigarette case. It’s FDA registered, so don’t worry about unsafe materials or anything; the G Pen uses a stainless steel casing, and utilizes a ceramic heating bowl.

Pros: very good vapor quality, uses a USB charger/dock, built-in battery, holds 2g of concentrates, has a cartomizer, fast heat-up times, has a 5-click lock

Why you should probably buy it: It has good vapor quality, and can hold around 2g of concentrates, as opposed to the 1g of the Omicron V2. It has a cartomizer, is FDA registered, and locks in place when you need it.

Why you probably won’t buy it: The parts cannot be interchangeably used with other brands, and you prefer something that you can customize.

Use with: Concentrates; glycerin

Made out of: stainless steel exterior, and a ceramic bowl

Warranty: 1-year warranty

Micro G Pen Vaporizer

The baby brother of the G Pen, the Micro G, is specifically made for concentrates only. Although it is half the size of the G Pen, the package is not. The package itself is doubled – 2 batteries, 2 tanks, 2 mouthpieces and 5 mouth sleeves. It is also charged using a USB cord, with a wall charger.

The Micro G can be broken down into 3 parts, so you can easily order replacement parts and slap them back up into your unit. But beware – Grenco Science does not offer replacement batteries for this one.

Photo062_zoom_1024x1024 (1)

The battery charges for about 1.5 hours, and is enough for the day. It feels good, with its matte-black shell, is just around 4 inches in length, and easily fits the palm of your hand.

It also heats up very past, so don’t worry about taking draws within seconds after pressing the button.

Pros: fairly good vapor quality, has a great package, replaceable parts, very portable and lightweight, only 4 inches long, feels very high-quality and has a great grip

Why you should probably buy it: The Micro G Pen is very small, at 4 inches long. If you are finding something that’s smaller in size, but not in the substance and the vape experience, then this is a good choice for you.

Why you probably won’t buy it: It might be TOO small for others, and if you don’t like units without replaceable batteries.

Use with: Concentrates; glycerin

Made out of: matte stainless steel exterior, and a ceramic bowl

Warranty: 1-year warranty

710 Pen Vaporizer

The 710, when read upside down, is actually OIL. This easy-to-use, very pen-looking pen vaporizer, has an LCD display which indicates the exact temperature and the exact battery life of your unit. It has a clip at the end, should you wish to put it in your pocket. A fully charged battery would give you around 300 hits. And because it heats up in about 5 seconds, you don’t really have to burn in your concentrates before drawing your vapor.


Forget about using dry herbs with the 710, since it only uses oils or waxes. Charging times last for about 4 hours if you have a completely dead battery. So don’t get caught without a battery in the middle of a session, and check out the LCD display so you can plan ahead.

Pros: good design, feels like a pen, has an LCD display, fast heating times, long battery life, easy to use

Why you should probably buy it: It looks like a pen, especially if you clip it in front of your shirt. It’s one of the few pen vaporizers that deliver good hits, while at the same time displays the temperature and battery on the LCD display.

Why you won’t buy it: If you are thinking of the short warranty on the heating element, then this is probably not the one for you.

Use with: Concentrates, oils and waxes

Made out of: matte stainless steel exterior

Warranty: 3-month warranty on the heating element

Trippy Stix Essential

The Trippy Stix is called the ‘world’s first no-cartridge vaporizer’ . With a fully charged battery, the unit can last you for a long time – and by long we actually mean 800 puffs. That is a lot, compared to the usual 300 to 400 puffs of other pen vaporizers. It shuts off after 7 seconds to conserve battery and to prevent the unit for overheating.


The Trippy Stix has good vapor quality and has a lot of other options that users or buyers can choose from.

There are regular or digital editions, different tanks for liquids and other concentrates, but perhaps what makes it very popular is because the Trippy Stix is available in 13 colors.

That’s a lot, especially in a market that is dominated by black or silver pen vaporizers.

Pros: cool design, lots of color options, many accessories that can customize the Trippy Stix, US-assembled, auto shut off after 7 seconds, easy to refill, good hits, very good battery life

Why you should probably buy it: The Trippy Stix has a LOT of colors in the market, and it does not even look like a vaporizer at first look. It delivers a whopping 800 puffs in one fully charged battery, and it definitely looks way cooler than your usual pen vaporizer.

Why you won’t buy it: it is not discreet at all. Especially if you have the rasta color, people will look at you when you use it in public.

Use with: Concentrates, oils and waxes

Made out of: stainless steel casing

Temperature: 275F to 300F

Warranty: 1-year warranty on the battery and the charger, 90-day warranty on the unit itself; no warranty on the heating chamber

Atmos Raw Vaporizer

While most pen vaporizers use liquid concentrates and waxes, the Atmos Raw does not. It uses dry blends turned into vapor, which is quite cool. Most pen vapes only support liquids, but this vape goes even way beyond those expectations by the public. Pack your dry herbs or dry blends, and puff away. The fast heating times also ensures that your vapor is ready to be puffed once it is ready.


Another good thing about the Atmos Raw is that it’s versatile. It can be used for both flowers and herbs, and concentrates without the need to change the tank.

But one thing that’s perhaps confusing with this vape is because the power button is too hidden, so it may be hard to press it when you need to use it.

Pros: cool design, lots of color options, many accessories that can customize the Trippy Stix, US-assembled, auto shut off after 7 seconds, easy to refill, good hits, very long battery life

Why you should probably buy it: The Atmos Raw can both sue dry blends and liquid concentrates. It is durable, it has a stealthy button, and it uses a USB cord to charge itself.

It’s a good starting vaporizer for first timers. And because it has a great battery life, you can forget about the Atmos Raw running out of power.

Why you won’t buy it: There are many users saying that it does not turn herbs into vapor, but rather turn them into smoke. Think of it as an electronic pipe, that actually burns the blends and does not vaporize them.

Because of this, the manufacturer released an accessory that separates the heating element from the herb bowl. However, the same problem is still being reported by users.

Use with: Concentrates, oils and waxes

Temperature: 375F to 450F

Made out of: Aluminum and stainless steel casing

Warranty:3-year replacement program, and a30 day warranty if product found to be defective


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