Best Two Way Walkie Talkie


Two way walkie talkie will help you to keep in touch with others while you are mobile. You don’t have to meet the people you want to talk to. Hence, you can save money, time and energy. This device becomes the best choice when phone signal fade. Two way walkie talkie is generally used for security, schools, business, event organizing, and any other applications which need to keep in touch while you are mobile.

If you consider buying one, we have some recommended two way walkie talkie coming from reliable manufacturers. Make sure that you get the most appropriate walkie talkie with best quality that you can use for a long time.

Mitex General UHF Walkie Talkie

We recommend this two way walkie talkie as they are excellent in performance and reliable with high quality of communication. This walkie talkie is ideal for general use, either individuals or small business which has a general communication need. If you wonder the features you might check them within the following.

This two way walkie talkie features a wide range communication, up to maximum 10 km (city) or 25 km when you use it in country areas. Talking about frequency, this walkie talkie can be used in frequency between 449.3MHz and 449.4MHz UHF. Speaking on design, this device is made compact and lightweight with excellent durability.

Thus, due to the performance we strongly recommend that you consider buying this two way walkie talkie for communication when phone signal fade. Also, the price is reasonable that you will be more contented with it.

Kenwood TK2302 VHF Two Way Radio

We include this two way walkie talkie as they are made by reliable manufacturer, for its performance. Talking about the design, this walkie talkie represents ergonomic excellence with lightweight, fitting your hand easily. For durability, it performs best in all conditions with MIL-STD 810 & IP54/55 weatherproofing that you can use it in rain or shine.

Speaking on frequency, this device has range around 136-174 MHz with 16 channels. In addition, its battery can last long up to 18 hours (save on) and 12 hours (save off). This two way walkie talkie also features Windows PC programming and tuning.

With this two way walkie talkie, you can communicate with your work partner while you are mobile. It is ideal for security use, maintenance, special events organizing, and any other applications which need communication while you are mobile. We recommend this device due to the performance and function and the affordable price.

Motorola CP040 Business Radio

We advise that you consider buying this two way walkie talkie coming from reliable manufacturer which is experienced in electronic manufacturing, especially on communication devices. It is ideal to be used in security, agriculture, and small or medium-sized warehousing/manufacturing. With this walkie talkie you can still keep in touch with your team even though you always have to be mobile.

This device is easy to use, equipped with variable squelch settings. Also, it features 4 channels with two channel buttons. This two way walkie talkie will enable your work that we strongly recommend it for you. One more point, without putting aside quality this device is offered in affordable price.


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