Best Two-Way Radio Reviews

best two way radios

Most of us are well informed about the so-called two-way radios, and for those who may not know this is the fancy name for walkie-talkies. Wee know how they work and we know that they are a simpler version of cellphones, but even today they have a valuable role in our lives. If you are by any chance looking for the best two-way radios then you are in the right spot. In few minutes you will learn what features and characteristics make the best 2-way radios.

What to Look for in the ​Best 2-Way Radios

Whether you want to buy to have some fun with your buddies or you really need them to serve you the purpose they were made for you will need to know a few basic facts regarding these beautiful tools. Even though they are no longer present in our everyday lives, they are used a lot. Most of them are used in military, or any other organization that depends on low range communication that is only bound to the frequency. This type of communication proved to be useful if you want to stay in touch with a smaller group of people that will be sharing with you a larger portion of space such as camping sites, any type of facility surveillance, etc. But, to be sure you are picking the right fit for you, we will point out some of the most important features you need to have regardless of the reason for usage.​

  • NOAA system – If you by any chance don’t know, NOAA system is a really great thing to have installed in your walkie-talkie. This system accesses weather database around your location and warns you if there are any unusual climate changes that might endanger you and people around you. It really doesn’t matter why you need 2-way radios, this feature is something you want to have
  • Range – To us, the best walkie-talkie is as good as the range it offers. Usually, the best two-way radios have their range around 50 miles, but at the end, it all comes down to your preferences. We, for example, like to camp a lot and there is always someone that likes to wander off. Having larger range we can keep track of that person.
  • Few sets of frequencies – This one is extremely important if you know that there will be several groups of people in one place. To keep everything well organized, the best 2-way radios will offer you several channels that will help you contact the right group for the right task. And, above everything else, you can avoid telling everyone the message you meant to tell to someone privately.
  • Waterproof – Whether you are outside or inside, there is always that danger of spilling something over your walkie-talkie or that it gets wet in the rain. If you want to avoid any additional expenses, we suggest you invest a bit more and get yourself proper waterproof two-way radios. You won’t regret it.

So far, this is all you need to know when looking for the best two-way radio. Hopefully, this came to you as help and you will now be more knowledgeable on this topic.


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