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You may have heard about the Total Gym, an innovative fitness machine that offers you the ability to get a complete workout in only minutes a day. With this piece of equipment, you can work various muscle groups at once.

The Total Gym uses your own body weight and the power of gravity to provide resistance. By adjusting your body on the glideboard, you actually become the weight. This allows you with a full range of motion and amazing flexibility. With this machine, you can sit, kneel or lie to perform your workout.

You may be wondering if the Total Gym is right for you. Cost might be a consideration for you. At around $2500, the Total Gym certainly isn’t an inexpensive machine. But it does offer benefits that you just won’t find anywhere else. If cost is a factor for you, then why not try the monthly payment plan? This breaks the total cost of the machine down into affordable payments.

Now, if you’re a social exerciser, you may not like the Total Gym. After all, you will be performing your workout in the solitude of your home and won’t have lots of other people around you as you would at a public gym. For people who enjoy working out alone, the Total Gym is great. You can turn on your stereo or TV and do your workout in the comfort and privacy of your home.

One of the best things about the Total Gym is that you can get all your workouts with one machine. You’ll be able to do cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises all in one. You can work your abs while doing another part of your body, like your arms, at the same time. Get flexible and do cardio. It’s up to you! The beauty of this machine is it’s adaptability and flexibility.

The Total Gym just might be perfect for you if you’re seeking a machine that does it all, one that you can use in the comfort of your own home. With the Total Gym, you spend a lot less time working out because the exercises you do with it are so efficient. So if you want more free time and less time spent exercising, then definitely give this machine a look!

Best Total Gym Comparison Table

 Total Gym 1000Total Gym 1500Total Gym 1700 ClubTotal Gym 2000Total Gym 3000
FrameLighter Gauge Steel
3/4″ x 1-1/4″ Tubing
Lighter Gauge Steel
1-1/4″ x 2″ Tubing
Lighter gauge painted steel
.75” x 1.25” tubing.
Lighter Gauge Steel
1-1/4″ x 2″ Tubing
Chrome-Plated Upper Rails, Black Powder-Coated Lower Rails
1-1/4″ X 2″ Tubing
Max Weight Allowed250 lb250lb325 lbs. combination total body weight and plate weights.300lb300lb
Glide Board Size13″ x 40″13″ X 40″
13” x 40”15″ x 45″15″ x 45″
User Height Limit6′6′6’2″6’2″6’2″
Foam Density1/2″ Low Density1/2″ Low Density1/2” low-density3/4″ Mid-Density1″ High-Density
Squat StandN/AN/AN/A (comes with leg curl wing, dips bars, press up bars, and weight bar that supports up to 75lbs)Lightweight Plastic PlatformPlastic Platform
Resistance Levels6 Levels
6% to 50% of Body Weight (250 lbs. max)
6 Levels
6% to 50% of Body Weight (250 lbs. max)
Six Levels
6% to 50% of body weight (325 lbs. max)
6 Levels
6% to 60% of Body Weight (300 lbs. max)
6 Levels
6% to 60% of Body Weight (300 lbs. max)
Size18″W x 7’6″L x 4’H20″W X 7’6″L X 4′ H18” W x 90” L x 48” H20″W X 7’6″L X 4′ H20″W X 7’6″L X 4′ H
WarrantyOne Year, Parts and FrameOne Year, Parts and Frame
One Year, Parts and FrameFrame: Lifetime Parts: Two Years (home use only)Frame: Lifetime Parts: Two Years (home use only)


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