Best Themed Bunk Beds For Kids


Bunk beds come in many shapes, sizes and designs. But if the persons that are using it are not older than, let’s say, 10 years, the bunk bed that they will want to sleep in has to BE FUN! You can easily get that simply buy buying themed kids beds that are either a pirate ship bunk bed, a race car bunk bed or or bunk bed that has a slide and a tent. And if you don’t want to buy them from the store, there are ways you can make a fun themed bunk bed all by yourself; it’s not difficult at all, but we will focus on that in another post.

Now I want to show you a couple of these themed bunk beds for kids models that are perfect for transforming the room of your little ones into an awesome playground.

The Multicolor Coaster Bunk Bed at $363.47

This bunk bed will guarantees the fun for your kids. Its sizes are 115″ in length, 100″ wide and 50″ high and it weights for about 151 pounds. It has a frame made of steel which is very safe. Also, it comes with a side ladder, a slide and a tent, but no mattress included. The color are blue, red and yellow and it has gloss paint applied to it. It is perfect for your children’s imagination and creativity when it comes to playing. So, if you want to learn more about the Multicolor Coaster Bunk Bed that costs only $363.47, visit this link.

The Powell Boys Blue & Green Twin Tent & Slide – $642.86

This entertaining bunk bed that requires home assembly has the following measures: 82″ x 102″ x 93.5″ and weights, as the first one, 151 pounds. The frame is also made of hard steel and ensures safety for the top bunk inhabitant. The fabric of the tent and tower is polyester microfiber.

Fun with The Powell Boys Blue & Green Twin Tent & Slide

From the top bunk you have 2 exit options: the ladder and the slide, like in the above picture. Also, you should know that the mattress is not included. For more details about The Powell Boys Blue & Green Twin Tent Bunk Bed with Slide that costs $642.86, visit this link.

The Powell Boys Blue & Green Twin Tent & Slide – $642.86

Every beautiful princess needs a castle to sleep in. This bunk bed is perfect for making her dreams come true and games jump to another dimension. It comes with a removable ladder that offers easy access to the top bunk and a pink canopy tent made from 100% polyester. If the dragons attack the castle and Prince Charming has not yet arrived, she can save herself by using the slide. The sizes of this bunk bed are 79.8″ wide, 101.2″ deep and 92″ high.

Powell Princess Castle offers a lot of fun

This themed castle bunk bed has passed all safety tests and has a frame made from tough steel. Also, you should know that the mattress is sold separately. So, if you are interested in this Powell Princess Castle with Tent and Slide, please follow this link to find out more details.


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