Best Tefal Steam Generator Iron 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide


Tefal is one of the most talented and famous Iron Brand Company for the users that origins in France during 1950s. With good quality steam irons, the brand also released some good steam generators iron too in order to speed up the ironing performance.  The steam generator irons of the company will always give you the perfect temperature and features to remove any type of wrinkles from home clothes or garment clothes.

Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express Autoclean Steam Generator

Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express Autoclean Steam Generator iron is the world class iron from the brand that can heat up 260g per minute with Turbo steam technology for the users. In fact, this is the one generator that can give this level of steam output per minute with 6 bar pressure to the users. Moreover, the auto clean soleplate with good technology will give you 2x faster ironing performance to any professional level field. In the auto safety feature of this steam generator, you will get the finest quality to turning off the iron within 2 minute left unattended.


  1. Powerful Turbo Steam with 260g per minute
  2. Eco friendly technology with Auto Clean Soleplate
  3. Anti-calc Function with Autoclean Soleplate


  1.  Shot Cable Cord


Tefal Gv8431 Pro Express Autoclean Steam Generator

Tefal Gv8431 Pro Express Autoclean Steam Generator Iron is another good ranked iron from the brand with 240g per minute power steam and 5.5 bar steam to the users. In this case, the users will get good handle design with good color combination. Moreover, the water tank is extra large so that the users can have long time ironing experience in the garments as well as at home. Moreover, the soleplate is full scratch free as well hassle free for the users to give a good impression. As a result, the fabrics will remove easily with its eco friendly 20% power saving feature.


1.      Unique Soleplate with 240g per Minute Steam

2.      Large Power Tank


1.      Heavy to Use for a long time


Tefal Gv9461 Protect Autoclean Steam Generator

Tefal Gv9461 Protect Autoclean Steam Generator Iron offers 260g per minute turbo steam output during removing any type of wrinkles from clothes. You will have 6 bar pressure with a good settings option in order to increase and decrease the steam output of the generator. The functions and variable controls of the steam generator are quite good for using and controlling the heat of your iron. As a result, you can decrease to the low output steam at the time of ironing any thin fabrics. On the other hand, the soleplate is Autoclean and anti-scale feature will give you good long lasting performance with eco friendly technology.


1.      6 bar pressure & 260g per minute steam output

2.      Enhanced Safety with Auto Turn off

3.      Autoclean Soleplate & Anti-scale Function

4.      Every Saving Source up to 20%


1.      Water Tank is not Extra-Large

Tefal Pro Express Plus GV8430G0 5.5 Bar Steam Generator, Anti-Calc, 1.8 Litre Water Tank

Tefal Pro Express plus GV8430G0 is a good steam generator iron of the brand that will give you datable water tank with 5.5 bar pressure for ironing. In this case, you do not need to refilling water now and then in order to iron in a good process. On the other hand, the Autoclean soleplate with anti-scale system will offer good steam output to the users that are almost 200g per minute for the users. Therefore, the time of ironing will always decrease with the best soleplate technology. Moreover, the fine design with water tank is quite good for a long time ironing experience very easily.


  1. 5.5 Bar Steam Generator Iron
  2. Anti-Calc Function with Extra Large Water Tank
  3. Easy to Maintenance & Water Refilling Feature


  1. Short cord cable
  2. Detachable Iron Tank Needs Time  


Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Steam Generator, Anti Scale, 1.8 Litre Water Tank

Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8360 Steam Generator Iron is giving good quality continuous output steam during you is ironing any cloth. With the 5 bar pressure and 120g per minute choice, you can use also the boiler water spray to remove the deepest wrinkles very easily. On the other hand, the extra large container allows you to continue ironing for a long time with turbo steam technology.


  1. Ultracord System with Compact Design
  2. Ultraglide Durability Ceramic Soleplate
  3. Turbo Steam with 5 Bar Pressure
  4. Boiler with Corrosion Free


  1. Only 120 per minute Steam Output

Use any of the Tefal Steam Generator Iron for getting the maximum steam output instantly with good safety feature. For that reason, you have the list of the world class steam generators that will increase your usages as well as give the best and quality ironing service. Therefore, consider any of the models for buying for personal or professional purpose.


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