Best Tactical Gloves Guide


Many manufacturers claim to supply the best tactical gloves on the market. But they can’t all be correct, can they?

The best tactical gloves all share common attributes, but depending on your needs, your idea of best might differ from someone else’s.

Don’t cut corners

The cheaper styles of tactical glove usually look just like the best styles. But they’re made of lower quality materials, and the care taken during the manufacturing process generally leaves a lot to be desired.

Make sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer. Examine advertisements to compare features, materials, and user testimonials.

If price is your sole concern, odds are you’ll get what you pay for.

The best tactical glove makers

Although I’m sure many will argue with my choices, I’ve taken the liberty of listing what I believe to be the companies that make the best tactical gloves on the market (in no particular order):


Although a relatively new company (they started in 1993), BlackHawk! is considered one of the premier suppliers of equipment for police, military, and paramilitary security forces.

Founded by a former Navy SEAL, BlackHawk! focuses on quality at a price. They bring you the best, regardless of cost.


Hatch focuses mostly on police and law enforcement equipment — especially high-quality tactical gloves — but make many models suitable for outdoorsmen or bikers.

5.11 Tactical

When you want more tactical gear than you can shake a stick at, 5.11 Tactical is the place for you. They supply just about everything you can think of, and then some.

As long-time suppliers to military, police and law enforcement, and fire companies, 5.11 Tactical sells gear under their own brand name, and others. They’re one of the big players in this industry and they have the experience and clout to set trends and develop new and useful styles.

Wiley X Tactical

Tactical gloves made by Wiley X get universally rave reviews. But surprisingly, this company only got into the glove business in recent times.

Wiley X is primarily known for super high-quality eyeware like tactical goggles, shooting goggles, motorcycle-riding goggles, and the like.

They’re known for good-quality shooting gear more than they are for true tactical gear, but in recent times their reputation as a maker of top of the line tactical gear has risen significantly.


Mechanix makes good tactical gear, including tactical gloves. But they got their start supplying flame-resistant gear to auto sports enthusiasts.

Once they made their reputation as a supplier to NASCAR teams and other racing teams, Mechanix expanded to become a leading supplier of equipment to emergency services and the military. Now, they make good, general-purpose tactical gloves that are beginning to outsell other, more established brands.


Police and law enforcement members speak highly of TurtleSkin gloves.

Mostly known as suppliers of protective fabrics, TurtleSkin also makes police and safety gloves that have a good reputation for performance and low cost.

So when you figure out what features and style of glove you want, make sure to check ads for those manufacturers first. Comare and contrast styles and cost, and you’re sure to come up with something that will satisfy you, because these companies make the best tactical gloves.


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