Review of Best Swimming Ear Plugs


For those individuals with ultra-sensitive ears or particularly narrow ear canals, the issue of trapped water can bring about recurrent and agonizing ear infections. A well-fitted swimming ear plug can impede water from entering into the ear canals on swimming and thus averting ear infections.

The options of ear plugs in the market are similar for both adults and children, even though children could need a tad extra aid on putting in their ear plugs. This helpful guide can elaborately explain to you what factors to look out for when selecting swimming ear plugs. In addition, we have given a brief overview of the 4 best swimming ear plugs in the market at present.

What to look for swimming ear plugs

One swimming ear plug can be a lot similar to another. But the difference is always in the details and it is very important for you to tell the difference when you do go out to buy your ideal set of ear plugs. Here are a small number of items that you must take a look at whilst you are checking out the various reviews of swimming ear plugs.

  • Materials

Some material types are superior to others, along with being more comfortable. A good number of them are prepared from wax, silicone or a distinct amalgamation of the two. You may find hard plastic blended in with added components; however, this plastic should not be contacting the soft flesh inside your ear.

The options of ear plug material include silicone, soft plastics, and moldable silicone. In case you are sensitive to latex, take care that the ear plug model that you opt for is latex-free. The largest brands of swimming ear plugs are indeed latex-free, but a few of the brands tend to employ some latex.

Moldable, soft, silicone ones are the reusable and hypo-allergenic swimming ear plug material alternative. Frequent swimmers should rummage around for earplugs prepared of a material, which can be used a lot of times.

  • Fit

Your swimming ear plugs need to fit into your ears in water to be water tight. For knowing the effectiveness of your pair of ear plugs, you have to be familiar with how this watertight fit is produced. A quantity of ear plug brands come as customizable, thus allowing you mold them into a shape by means of heat.

The other types are made with a design shaped in diverse sizes for fitting various individuals. If you hold any particular issues with your ear plug fit, this factor is the top thing to check for since you will not be able to do much about the fit of a swimming earplug.

A number of swimmers would recommend purchasing multiple earplugs of diverse types for seeing which ones have the correct style fit for your precious ears. The choice is up to you. Nevertheless, it is an apt way of determining what you may require when you purchase once more at some point.

  • Noise Reduction

Each and every ear plug has some grade of noise reduction features. The more watertight they are, the lesser sound they will let in. If you wish to still have the sense of hearing while you are swimming, there are a few swimming ear plugs designed especially for helping you with that; although they may not be as water tight as a few other pairs. The swimming ear plugs, which can actually block out the noise effectively and can easily be found under sections that block out sound and water.

  • Reusable

There are swimming ear plugs that are both reusable and disposable. The most widespread forms of earplugs for the use of swimmers are reusable with a few disposable ones developed for this similar purpose. It is easier and, by and large, cheaper for washing.

Moreover, you can use the same ear plugs time and again instead of throwing them out every time for a fresh pair. The reusable ear plug varieties have even more customization, in addition to improved characteristics on top of being more environmentally friendly.

The disposable ear plugs can be of use for the sake of sanitation. They can be employed by others also so you can be sharing a few of the throwaways in your pack as opposed to having a sole set of recyclable ear plugs for using on your own.

  • Styles

Although the job of keeping water out from your ear canals is fairly straightforward, the resolution can vary to a high degree in both cost and effect. Here are a few different types of ear plugs in the event of swimming activities:

  1. Foam ear plugs

The foam ear plugs look like small foam fingertips. While being super cheap, the foam ear plugs are not too helpful for waterborne activities. This particular kind of ear plug has received successful feedback from a lot of users for receiving some quiet and peace while dozing off on a plane. This style of ear phones is great for obstructing out nuisance noises, such as loud music and snoring, but not very great for blocking out water.

  • Silicone ear plugs

Ear plugs made of silicone are extremely suitable for the use of swimmers. The good factor about these ear plugs is that they’re already pre-molded. This means that you can clean them after exercising and acquire countless mileage from them.

  • Custom plastic ear plugs

In contrast to others, these are the most costly pair of ear plugs. Also, they have been given poor reviews on actually keeping out the water from the ear while swimming. They are mostly great fits, but not sufficiently tight against the ear for keeping out water. It is easily the most costly choice.

  • Silicone putty earplugs

These types of ear plugs are the most well-liked kind that is used by most swimmers. Usually, it is made of moldable silicone, which can be jammed inside your ear, thus receiving a custom fit each time you make use of them.

Since you are capable of fitting a plug to the distinct contour of the ear opening, it is a good way to get a hold of a less leaky and tighter fit. These are, however, more difficult in cleaning and with habitual use, you can get only a small number of weeks from every one pair.

4 best swimming ear plugs

  1. The PUTTY BUDDIES Original Swimming Ear plugs

Putty Buddies is a set of three pairs of ear plugs made out of a colorful soft, silicone material. You can mold these earplugs for fitting into your ear holes with no trouble. These products are made in a single size, fitting all shapes, and hence they can be used by both adults and kids of all ages.

The Putty Buddies Swimming Ear plugsmake use of a silicone material, which holds on to the ear holes well even at the same time as you are moving about. Its strong hold turns them as an ideal choice for kids performing any activity inside the water, regardless of whether it is simply swimming or somewhat more intense activities, like water skiing or surfing.


  • Excellent fit for children
  • Made up of a comfortable soft silicone material
  • Built in a single size for fitting all designs for adults and kids
  • First-rate hold for the duration of water activities


  • The largest sound parts are blocked whilst wearing the earplugs
  • Its sticky hold could be gone when made use of with sunscreen or additional greasy products

These ear plugs, made of silicone, are huge for making use of in water by individuals of all age groups as they just mold to the form of your outer and inner ears to give you an excellent fit. These ear plugs work fine for swimming and further non-water bustles when you only require reduction of noise. Children can wear these moldable ear plugs easily and the volume fits more or less everyone in diverse age groups. Mack’s AquaBlock is reusable till they are no longer holding onto the ears very well.


  • Can be used for years when cared well
  • Strapping silicone is long lasting
  • Fits a good number of adults and teens securely
  • Has a shielding carrying case


  • Long stems can get caught with your swim cap
  • The Their clear color makes it impossible to find them if they go down into the water
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4.       The Decibullz – Custom Molded Ear plugs

The Decibulz Custom Molded Ear plugs are just the right ear plugs for all your indoor as well as outdoor activities, for instance, traveling, swimming, shooting, and sleeping. With its foam tips and custom fit, these earplugs are the most perfect and comfortable toolkit for the frequent flyers travelers and shooting fans.

The Decibullz ear plugs are equipped with 3 packages of triple flange silicone tips in sizes S, M, L, in addition to one packet of foam tips. They also comprise of a petite carrying pouch so that you will not lose your earplugs. Due to its custom moldable exterior and its size options, you can be certain that it will provide you with a comfortable fit irrespective of the size of your ear.


  • Contain multiple tips meant for all sizes of ears
  • Stay in and does not fall out
  • Apt for road travels, planes, subways and even shooting ranges
  • Come with a carrying pouch for safe keeping


  • Silicone tips are not too comfortable
  • Too pricey for their features; buying disposable ear phones can be better

Bottom Line

For your ultimate ear safety, consider buying and wearing a latex or silicone swim cap over the ears as one more protection layer against the water. You will also do well to purchase ear-drying tools or ear drops for usage after a swim for removing any water, which may have managed to move past the ear plugs.

All these ear plugs are geared in many diverse styles each with its own benefit. Given that they are rather inexpensive, you should not be scared of trying out several styles for checking which suits you the best. Getting the correct watertight seal and an ideal fit is worth the additional money, time, and exertion of trying out several different ear plug models.

These are the best swimming ear plugs on the market. You can buy any one of these and get the best swimming ear plugs as per your individual requirements and interest. Even if you are a professional or an amateur, you can buy these. Moreover, all of these are available at affordable prices, which means anyone can buy them.


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