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Here are review of some of the best selling Sunbeam electric grills.


Sunbeam RG12 Rocket Grill is the best product in Sunbeam’s list of grills. Known for grilling food three times faster than an average unit, this portable Sunbeam barbecue grill cooks fresh foods within 3 to 8 minutes and frozen foods within 8 to 12 minutes.

The grill is equipped with the mechanism of draining out fat. Thus the food delivered contains 1/3rd less calories which is dumped in the reservoir located at the bottom of the unit. The grilling pouches drain out the fat for a fatless meal. In Rocket grill, the design does not permit the food to touch the grill plates, which eliminated the trouble of cleaning them.

The unit comes with a pack of 36 disposable grilling pouches that lasts long. The accompanying grill guide exhibits a comprehensive outline of the recommended settings for different food types. The appliances also come with a guidebook and cookbook.

Sunbeam Electric Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill Model 4756 is a portable model that grills food virtually smokeless. Suitable for use indoor on countertops and table tops, the easy to clean pieces of the unit are safe to be washed in dishwashers. With a cool touch porcelain ceramic base and padded handles, the unit offers a grilling surface of 137 sq inches. Approximately sized at 15.25 x 6.5 x 16.5, the machine consumes only 800 Watts. The Gourmet grid coated with Griffo porcelain is crafted to grill very delicate food items like fishes, vegetables, seafood, etc. without falling through.


Cafe Contact Grill & Sandwich Press – GC7850B Sunbeam is both fast and easy to cook varied types of healthy meals. With its 6+ contact grill, this one grills vegetables, large cuts of meat and toasts breads. The toasting plate has a flat bottom with a grilling plate on the top and a removable dip tray for convenient cooking. The Rotodial with the floating hinges features lock the position of the top plate. This allows cheese to melt and store openly. The sloped grilling plate crushes out the fat for a healthy meal.

Sunbeam 7530 Rocket Grill (very similar to RG12 model) is an indoor grill designed mainly for speedy cooking of all meals and even desserts. Steaks, chops, veggies, burgers, snacks and other items can be cooked in minutes in both fresh and frozen state. Equipped with stay cool handles and timer for easy cooking, the unit comes with a recipe book. The unit requires no cleaning because of the disposable grilling pouches.

Other popular products under the brand are GB2100, Grill Series, 340, 430 and 450.

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