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Steam cleaning is known to be the most effective way to clean your home. It uses the power of the steam to dissolve and remove stubborn dirt or grease from your floor while disinfecting your home. The powerful steam is known to kill harmful bacteria for up to 99%. This makes steam mops one of the appliances that are most helpful in home cleaning.

They are time saving as they provide short cleaning time and very effective to lift stubborn dirt including grease and grime, using the steam to efficiently clean floors and carpets. Steam mops, unlike regular mops cleans effectively and disinfect your home as it goes, killing bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, without the need to use cleaning detergent or bleach. Steam mops are known to usually clean almost all types of floor and they are mostly a multi-use which is beneficial as you won’t have the need to buy other appliance for that specific purpose. Most steam mops are environmentally friendly, when they don’t require cleaning agents such as bleach and detergents.


Bare Floor Pro is a powerful and very effective steam mop that cleans your floor effectively, making it shiny clean and smelling fresh. It uses Vax Steam detergent that efficiently eliminates grease and grime, and leaves your floor looks spotless and smells hygienically clean. It disinfects your floor by eliminating 99% of harmful bacteria for as long as 7days.

This steam mop is also great for cleaning up after your kids and pets. It can take away stubborn dirt and grease your kids or pets had left on the floor, leaving your bare floor sparkling clean and smelling great.


  • Multi Purpose Use

This powerful steam cleaner has a multi-use. It is great for use on bare floor surfaces such as tiles, lino, laminate and wood. It comes with a carpet glider that works to refresh your carpets and rugs.

  • Quick and Easy to Use

The Bare Floor Pro’s cleaning pads are quick and easy to remove. They are washable so you can use it over and over again. The cleaning pad can be easily taken away from the base. But don’t forget to cool down the unit first before detaching the cleaning pad, for safety reasons.

To clean the pads, you can hand wash them or simply wash them in your washing machine. Use mild detergent in a warm temperature setting.

  • Lightweight and Environmentally Friendly

This Bare Floor Pro steam mop is neither harmful nor damaging to the environment. It is absolutely safe to the environment. It is also manageable and very light; it won’t tire you easily.


This VAX S6 is a multi-use steam cleaner that can be used on almost all surfaces such as floors, mirrors, tiles, ovens, grills and upholstery. It offers a double steaming time compared to the regular steam mop; it’s also lightweight and very easy to manage.  You can work with it easily.


  • Easy to Use

Simply fill it up with water, fasten the hose and switch it on. Wait for the green light to come on, about 12 minutes, indicating that you’re now ready to steam. The full tank of water can last for 45 minutes giving you plenty of cleaning time. This also saves you time as you won’t need to stop and refill it every now and then.

  • Detergent Free

This Home Master Steam Cleaner can effectively clean your floor even without a detergent solution.

  • Contains 16-Piece Accessory Kit

The 16 pieces accessories that comes along with this steam mop provides you with all the necessary tools you need for the job. The kit which is stored suitably onboard the machine is ideal for cleaning a wide range of surfaces which includes floors and windows.

The plastic brushes are used to rid off stubborn grease from all surfaces, while the metal is brush is perfect for use on oven grills and rack.

The squeegee tools works great on your windows, tiles and mirrors leaving them shining and smear-free.

The detailed tool provides you an easier access to hard-to reach areas such as around taps. Use the scraper tool to remove deep seated dried dirt from ovens and pans.


This 9 in 1 steam cleaner provides you with all the necessary tools required to give your house an over all perfect cleaning. In an upright mode, you can clean and disinfect carpet and hard floors, while in a hand held mode, you can use the other accessories that are provided to clean your surfaces, spills and burnt on foods from your hob and oven. You can also use it to freshen up upholstery and to remove crumples from your clothes.


  • Dual Functionality

This steam cleaner can either be used in an upright mode or hand held mode. In hand held mode it can be use as regular mop or use it on your carpets.  Just insert the carpet glider.

  • Quick Heat Up

The steam cleaner has a voltage of 1500W, which allows that machine to heat up easily, giving you lesser time to wait. It can produce steam for as short time as 30 seconds.

  • Simple Steam Output Control

It provides you with the simplest steam output control. Just switch it on, and then push the steam trigger control to manage the steam output

  • Easy to Refill

The detachable water tank allows continuous steaming and gives you an easy filling. The large water volume lets you steam clean for up to 15 minutes, and with the clear view tank, you can easily tell when its time to fill it up.

  • Easy to Maneuver

The steam cleaner’s floor head is especially designed to create easy manageability. It’s so easy to handle.

This 9 in 1 steam cleaner comes with a 5 meter cable wire that gives you a long- reach. It is simple to store away with the built-in cable storage.


This is a standing steam mop with a built –in hand held steamer and it provides 3 cleaning settings. It comes with a complete set of accessories that are used to refresh carpets and clean windows. It’s a 5 in 1 steam mop that effectively cleans your floor free of grease and dirt, and it can disinfect your home while cleaning. The sanitizing ability of the steam disinfects all objects killing 99% of harmful bacteria and germs. This hand held steam cleaner comes with a carpet glider to steam clean windows with the use of the squeegee tools.


  • 3 Cleaning Settings

For Mopping—it can mopped away dirt efficiently and removes grease and grime from your hard flooring giving you a truly clean home.

For Dusting—it is ideal to brush off dust or any powdery substance from any surfaces and cleans sand or soil on your floor.

For Scrubbing—it is also effective in scrubbing deep seated dirt on your floor and other surfaces.

  • Easy to Operate

To use just unclip the hand held steamer and bring it to your counter tops to clean. It can be used on cooker tops, sinks, taps and all other furniture and fixtures.

  • Complete Set od Accessories

The set includes; 1 standard head, 1 filler jug, 2 pcs. All purpose standard pockets, 1 extension hose, 1 concentration nozzle, 1 flat scrubber head, 1 flat scrubber microfiber bonnet, 1 nozzle clearing tool, 1 detailed scrubbing brush, 1 squeegee tool, 1 carpe glider, 2 year free guarantee and 7M cable.


This compact and lightweight multi purpose steam cleaner performs effective cleaning with its capability to adjust steam flow for essential cleaning need. As with the other steam cleaner, it can disinfect your floor while giving it a thorough cleaning. This multi purpose steam cleaner has added accessories for a better and effective cleaning.


  • Quick Heat Up and Easy to Operate

This machine is very simple and easy to operate. You can just pull the trigger to power it up then release it when you don’t use the steam. It heats up easily; you don’t need to wait for a long time.

  • Adjustable Steam Control

You can adjust the steam flow depending on the amount of dirt or how soiled is your floor. It lets you choose the capacity of steam you need for your cleaning necessity.

  • Compact and Lightweight

It’s easy and simple to put away and it is space saving. You can store all the steam cleaner accessories on board the unit, which gives you the convenience for storage. It has a handy carry handle and wheels intended for better and easier mobility.

  • Child Safety Lock

It has a safety lock that prevents accidental release of steam. In this way it is safe to use with children around. At full pressure, the safety bulb turns the boiler spin automatically to prevent over heating. Release it after the pressure returns to normal and then empty the remaining water before storing it up.


Lamellae Floor Tool—the enhance tool clamps the cleaning cloth giving large areas a perfect thorough clean up

Hand Tool—allows you to take away grease and dirt more effectively

Detailed Nozzle with Round Brush—this tool is designated to clean areas that are difficult to reach such as crevices and gaps. This is perfect for use in the kitchen and bathroom

Descaling Sticks—it provides a fast and efficient way to scrape deep seated dirt and grease

Large and Small Cloth—the large cloth is for the floor while the small cloth is for the hand tool. They are made from high grade cotton that aids in effective cleaning


This heavy-duty environmentally friendly steam mop can perfectly and effectively clean your floor without the use of a cleaning detergent. It can disinfect your home as it cleans, killing 99% of germs and other harmful microorganisms. The water tank can filled to full with o.7 litre of water. It can steam for up to 20 minutes with continued use.


  • Dual Head

This jet steam mop has a twin cleaning head that provides multiple cleaning options. The rectangular head is designed to slide over large exteriors while the triangular is perfect for cleaning areas that are not easy to reach. This Steam Jet comes with two microfiber pads that are machine washable.

  • Suitable on Various Floors

This steam mop can be used on different hard floors. Fasten the carpet glider and you can use it to refresh your carpets.

  • Compact, Lightweight and Maneuverable

This steam mop is very manageable, easy to handle and very convenient. It has a compact storage to simply store all the accessories, and has the ability to traverse through corners and furniture while disinfecting the floor as it goes

This jet steam mop gives you a practical cleaning. Its big water capacity provides longer time of cleaning and the 7 meter cord length cable can extend a longer distance for easier access underneath low furniture.


This multi-use kitchen and bathroom steam cleaner can be used on all surfaces of furniture and fixtures including floors, grout, upholstery hobs and BBQs. It doesn’t require a cleaning detergent, yet it can hygienically clean all surfaces killing 99% of harmful germs and bacteria. It is light weight and easy to carry around.


  • Multi Purpose Use

It can clean all surfaces, including floor. The included special tools can clean tough areas such as grout, hobs and BBQs.

  • Best for Use in the Kitchen and Bathroom

It provides the best way to make sure your kitchen and bathroom surfaces visibly clean. It’s excellent for cleaning floor, mirrors, tiles and grout and very effective in degreasing cooker hoods, hobs and grills.

  • Easy to Use

To use this steam mop, fill up the water tank, attach the hose and switch it on to power it up. The green light comes on in about 8 minutes which implies that it is ready to use. Select the steam pressure you want and then start cleaning. A full tank of water steams for up to 30 minutes.

This kitchen and bathroom compact steam cleaner comes with a complete accessory tools for an efficient cleaning. You can use the small tools to remove soap residue from your bath and to clean heavily soiled clothes while the brushes are perfect for eliminating stubborn grease and grimes. The window tool cleans your windows and mirrors effectively leaving them smear-free.


This steam cleaner is found to be powerful and very effective cleaning machine that cleans deeper and faster without using chemicals or cleaning detergent. It can eliminate the toughest dirt and rid off dirt, dust mites and bacteria that may cause allergies. The British Allergy Foundation awarded Vaporreto its seal of approval for its effectiveness in eliminating dust mites.

 This steam cleaner is also found to be very effective in disinfecting your home. To sanitize surfaces and fabrics, connect Vaporreto to a steam disinfector, then steam as usual.


  • Hygienic Steam

This steam cleaner By Ponti can disinfect you’re your effectively even without the use of any cleaning substance

  • Deep Cleaning Steam

It has a powerful steam purposely for deep cleaning. Its temperature and pressure are able to remove and dissolve stubborn grease or grime.

  • Environmentally Friendly

It doesn’t require a cleaning detergent or chemical, which is beneficial to the environment.

  • Easy to Use

It is very simple and easy to use; easy to set up too

This steam cleaner comes with a wide range of tools and accessories to provide a cleaner and faster cleaning time. Polti, with their 30 years of experience in manufacturing steam cleaners can guarantee perfect and effective products.


This green steam is a 5 in 1 steam cleaner that has different uses. It can be use as a carpet cleaner, window cleaner and garment steamer. It comes with a great set of accessories that is used to scrape burnt-on foods from your oven, deodorize your upholstery and smooth lines from your clothes. This steam cleaner is perfect on tough dirt, grease and grime, and kills bacteria without causing harm to the environment.


  • Hygienic and Environmentally Friendly

It doesn’t require the need for cleaning detergent, thus helps in maintaining a safe and healthy environment

  • Lightweight and Versatile

It’s simple and easy to maneuver. It has 6 M cord and a clever head that is designed to fit into corners and tight spaces

  • It has 5 different Functions

It is used as a floor steamer, carpet steamer, Hand held steamer, window cleaner and garment cleaner

This 5 in 1 green steam mop by Thane Direct has a 400 ml water tank and provides 4 different settings that give you up to 30 minutes of continuous steaming time.


This Black Decker 7 in 1 steam mop possess handle commands that allows you to gain access to the built-in Autoselect Technology directly to the handle of the steam mop. This makes it possible for you to switch between cleaning wooden, stone and vinyl floors at the click of a button without the need to bend down for the auto select dial.

It comes with a floor type guide that is easy to read and an attractive blue light. This helps you to get the correct amount of steam you need to effectively clean your floor.


  • Steamburst

Removing even the most deep seated dirt from your floor is no longer be a problem with the steam burst. It releases 50% more steam with just a few seconds of burst to give you an extra cleaning power that you don’t get from ordinary steam mop.

  • Multi-Use

This auto select steam mop can be used on hardwood, laminate, vinyl, marble, stone, ceramic tile and slate. It is also great to clean up your carpets and rugs including your upholstery.

  • 5-Piece Accessories

This steam mop comes in box that contains 5 different accessories that gives you more effective and thorough cleaning. With these accessories, you can clean your windows, tiles and glass shower screens. The included flexible hose is great for spot cleaning areas that are difficult to reach such as the back oven. The three colour-coded brushes that is perfect to brush off stubborn grime and grease, allows you to select the specific brush you decide to use for a specific room.

  • Quick Heat up

This steam mop can heat up in just 15 seconds; you don’t have to wait long.

  • Machine Washable Pads

The microfiber cleaning pads that is securely attached to the base of the machine can be easily detached from its place when you use it. It can be washed in the washing machine.

This innovative design of this steam mop, with its 180o swivel head rotates to clean tight corners and difficult to clean furniture. You just have to turn the handle for the mop head to rotate and clean the desired angle effortlessly.


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