Best Standby Electric Generator Review: Why Choose This Type Instead Of the Portable Ones?


Because people today are becoming more and more dependent on electricity to live a comfortable life, more and more people are now deciding to purchase and install a standby electric generator in their home as well as in their office. Although there are portable electric generators that are a lot cheaper than standby generators, there are quite a few advantages that standby generators can provide.

Basically, standby generators can offer you much better value for your money. With the convenience and overall performance it can provide, it’s no wonder why people opt for this type of generator. One great thing about home standby generators is that it can be connected directly to your fuel source, such as your gas pipe if it is equipped with a propane or natural gas motor. There is also diesel and gasoline powered standby generators, but the propane and natural gas motor standby generators are preferred by more people.

Because it is powered by natural gas or propane, the generator doesn’t emit as much pollution as diesel and gasoline powered ones. It also requires low maintenance compared to portable generators. Depending on the size of your home, you will need a standby generator that will be able to provide sufficient power to all the appliances you may have. Look at the KW rating on the generator before you purchase it. The higher number the KW has, the larger watt capacity it can handle. Wiring the standby generator to your home can be done by a professional.

Basically, there will be an automatic transfer panel installed which is responsible for controlling when the generator will be started. If the voltage from the utility line is getting below an acceptable level or when power is cut off from the main utility line, the transfer panel will automatically turn on the standby generator and redirect the power source from the main utility line to the generator. As you can see, standby electric generators can provide you with a lot of advantages from portable ones. Although you can’t carry it around, it will still provide you with much better value for your money.

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