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Mixers come in two types: stand and hand-held. It is possible to understand from their names how do they differ: we use hand-held mixers, holding them in our hand, and stationary mounted ones on a special stand and set on the table. Essentially, stand mixer is alike manual one, but is supplemented with electric drive cup, which is mounted on a stand.

Any type of mixer is able to perform the following functions:

– Whipping cream and egg whites;

– Whipping mashed potatoes;

– Mixing of the components of a liquid or thick dough;

– Mixing and whipping cocktail`s ingredients.

However, the work of each type has its own characteristics that must be considered.

Stand mixer features.

1. Takes up arms.

2. If the device has no rubber points on the bottom of the stand, then it can be moved on the table and vibrate strongly stirring thick dough.

3. Special bowl that comes bundled prevents strong spattering of ingredients. However, it is better not to pour liquid greater than 2/ 3 of the volume, since at high speeds a spatter level is much stronger.

4. It is uncomfortable to prepare cocktails in a stationary mixer as it has no pouring spout. But it mixes the dough and creams very conveniently.

In fact, the functions of manual and stationary mixers are almost indistinguishable. These nuances are smoothed by using a quality instrument. The difference is free or busy your hands during the cooking process. Stand mixer frees your hands and manual one doesn`t.

Additional features and capabilities of the mixer

Speed ​​and modes.

Mixer can have three to five speeds. It often happens that the panel shifting is additionally equipped with special icons that suggest what dish can be prepared in a particular mode.


Some models have a “turbo mode” feature which can be activated for a short time and greatly increases the speed of the motor. Turbo can be used during no more than 2-3 seconds, otherwise the engine may overheat. Typically, this mode is used to quick break the lumps in the dough.

Pulse mode.

If mixer is fitted with this regime, it is possible to regulate the speed of the corolla through the pressed power button: the greater is the force, the greater is the speed.

Overload and blockage protection.

If you have a mixer with engine shut down system when it is overloaded, it is undoubted indicator of the device quality.

Button for ejecting nozzles.

Clicking on it takes off of the slots in which they are fixed and they can be easily changed. All models are equipped with this button now.

Cord Compartment.

It allows you to hide the cord in a special side compartment for convenient storage.

Rubber grip does not allow your hand to slip during the process.


These may be blades for stirring, measuring cups, brush and detergent for mixer.

Most mixers have all the necessary features as standard, and extra ones come only for the convenience usage of the device.

So now we know a lot to make the best choice. Lets come closer and see the difference (or similarity) of suggested stand mixers.

We have two ones from KitchenAid. Artisan Stand Mixer Red (£675.00) & Classic Stand Mixer, White (£307.57). The hardest decision to make is which color to buy, that`s a very personal thing as these mixers will probably last a lifetime. The smooth speed switch is simple to use and as the direct drive motor is at the top of the machine, it only uses part of the power needed by other machines which have their motor low down on the stand.

Kenwood mixer’s family is represented by Kenwood kMix KMX54 Stand Mixer in Peppercorn Black and Kenwood Prospero KM283 Stand Mixer in Silver.

 kMix Stand Mixers with 2 outlets enable self expression within the kitchen whilst maintaining Kenwood functionality to produce exceptional results.

Prospero also has 2 outlets that run at different speed for specific tasks and are located on the top of the machine, so there is no need to move the machine around the worktop in order to  connect the attachments. 
Prospero has lots of attachments, a plastic blender, a plastic food processor with lots of blades and a juicer.

The Andrew James Food Mixer boasts some exceptional features such as an extra Powerful 1500 watt motor (max power output), special robust gear mechanism and a huge 5.2 l stainless steel bowl. The mixer comes with a Food Mixer Cookbook, packed with delicious recipes for breads and cakes. The mixer also has a very useful splash guard. The dough hook and beater blade is made from special aluminum which is perfect for making breads and cakes

If you prefer “Lady in red”, you can pay attention to Morphy Richards Accents Stand Mixer in red. It is made of plastic and the tool holder is made of plastic too. NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY RUN THIS MACHINE FOR 5 MIN. AT A TIME THEN YOU HAVE TO WAIT 10 MIN. FOR IT TO COOL DOWN BEFORE USING IT AGAIN. 

Bosch MUM46A1 Anthracite/Silver Finish is also worth your attention.

The mixer has rubber suction feet for extra stability with integrated cable storage. The holder houses all the accessories together. It is powerful enough for all functions it normally is used for and has extra attachments. It is rather a small food processor and will be a useful one in your kitchen.

Make your choice and enjoy it.


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