Best Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker


The stove top pressure cookers being sold in the market are either made of stainless steel or aluminum materials. I have tested both kinds of pressure cookers and I would say I prefer the stainless steel one. Here are my reasons why:

First of all, stainless steel do not react to food unlike aluminum made cookwares. You can cook any kind of food in it with all kinds of ingredients unlike aluminum which can have problems with high acidic ingredients like tomato sauce and vinegar. Because of this, the flavor of the food being cooked is retained and you won’t have any worry about it leaching off metallic properties onto the food. It would not have an impact on the taste and quality of the food you are cooking.


Another great advantage of stainless steel pressure cooker is its durability and reliability. It is even scratch and dent resistant so it will definitely last for years. It would not chip off, is definitely tough and safe to say, almost impossible to destroy. Its major alloys like chromium and nickel are mainly responsible for it being rust resistant and having that polish finish. Moreover, it is easy to clean and has a nice shiny appearance. A gentle rubbing and wiping can easily restore that pristine mirror finish condition.

The only disadvantages about stainless steel pressure cooker is that they tend to be more expensive compared with the aluminum ones. However, knowing that this would virtually lasts a lifetime means its worth the investment in the long run.


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