Best Squat Rack Reviews


The equation for great exercise is a healthy body, a good stretch, great gear and equipment and time to do it.  If you are healthy and you took time to do good warm up, then you are good. However it is better if you have excellent equipment to help you go and do your exercises to build up muscle, tone and be stronger.  One of the things that we should consider in great weight training is how to find the best squat rack for you.

So as not to confuse you, the squat rack  could be called one of many things. There are also many similar products that do the same things as the squat rack. These names could be called the power rack, a power cage, some could also call it, squat stand or a squat cage and many more. But simply, the squat rack is simply a rest for your weights and a great aid in your weight training.

What makes a quality squat rack for sale?

In this time of bad economy,some people are innovative enough to create home made squat racks from things that they could see at home. However, this does not provide the same strength or quality as a true squat rack. The construction of squat racks should always be calibrated and it should always be strong enough to handle heavy weights, well balanced so it doesn’t tip over when weight is placed or lifted from it and it should be sturdy so it does not fall apart. There are stopholes and pins that could be positioned in different high frequency places so that they could allow for variety of motion and movement. With these, the person who is exercising could actually customize and safely perform his exercises without worry and with trust that the squat rack would perform just as promised.

How much do squat racks cost?

Squat racks range anywhere from fifty to a hundred plus dollars depending on quality, maker and features. Some squat racks could actually carry more than one set of weights and are versatile enough to adjust to heights and different ways of exercising. Remember that though some of the squat racks come with weights, the weights could also be bought separately and usually range anywhere from twenty to forty dollars a piece. Remember that you usually get what you pay for and so, you should never compromise your quality for a cheaper price.


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