Best Soup Makers Reviews – 2019 Buying Guide


The devices that do everything for you is a dream of housewife. Put there products, click on the button and take care of your business.

Soup maker is a hybrid of an electric kettle and blender of different capacities, with the ability to chop ice. Almost every family has a blender, kettle and saucepan. Who may need a set of functions in one device ?

Soup maker can be an interesting acquisition for those who make their first steps in the culinary and who do not have time to cook, but want to eat healthy, tasty, varied and, most important, do not eat cold food.

Perhaps, Soup maker will attract an attention of young mothers. It does not need as much concern as the boiling pot on the stove: the liquid does not boil, the temperature is controlled automatically, and prepared meal does not run away. When it is ready the Soup maker will turn off itself.

Soup maker consists of two parts: a bowl with a heating element and a cover. Control panel may be on it. The panel may be also on the body. A knife for chopping foods can be on the bottom or lid of the device.

Its corpus is a stainless steel bowl with rubberized bottom, whereby Soup maker is almost impossible to budge without raising – as if it sticks to the countertop! The cover fits tightly, so steam practically escapes from the boiling spout.

There are three main functions in the unit: soup puree, not grated soup and … self-cleaning. The control panel is simple. Soup, soup puree and blender. You spend exactly 10 minutes on preparing vegetables, and the device makes the rest of the work itself during the next 30-35 minutes. The soup looks very impressive: it seems it is a restaurant dish. Besides, soups are prepared without oil and the stage of “frying” that a healthy diet fans will appreciate.

Do not put too much food in the bowl, pay attention to icons “min” and “max”. But even if there are too much products in the bowl, don`t worry about that. Soup or cocktail, or mashed potatoes never pour over the edge. Soup maker just will not turn on until the volume is not ideal.

It works great as a blender. Sauces, sweet cocktails, pancake batter, baby food, ice pick – the appliance makes it all in minutes. Blender is perfect for mashed potatoes as it grinds, not whips.

The recipe book is necessary. First you can cook just according to it, and then create your own dishes.

Soup maker is easy to care. The unit has self-cleaning function. Though you have to wash it yourself, it’s not as difficult as it happens with the multicast technique.

Despite that some of the dishes are recommended for five people, the soup maker copes with cooking dinner for 3-4 people.

Lets look attentively at some of them.

Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker in blacklooks likespace rocketin a science fiction film. The design is innovative and top-down. It suits into any style of the kitchen, and with a large 1.6 litre aluminum jug you can make enough soup for up to four servings at once. The lid is made of glass, not plastic. The easy to use control panel and led countdown display are situated at the lid. A chopping knife is also in the lid and it is very comfortable to wash it without injuring your hands.

Blended Soup is ready in just 21 minutes with a The Smooth program. It takes you 28 minutes for soup with a thicker consistency with the Chunky program.

After you’ve enjoyed your meal, just rinse the jug under the tap, wipe it with a soapy sponge and your soup maker is ready for next time. There isn`t self-cleaning function in this model.

The instruction booklet (a step by step guide to make tasty creations) is included to get you started; the recipes differ from a smooth roast tomato and basil to a chunky chicken and sweet corn as well as some inspirational ideas such as butternut squash. This soup maker even comes with an extra juice function, so you can create delicious, healthy smoothies and juice drinks too. Raspberry smoothies and blueberry milkshakes to name a few, with the smoothie function are also available.

Breville Soup Maker (600W) is another kind of them. The robust base with a control panel and digital timer is made of silver metal (stainless steel). The jug is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass and has measures on the walls. It comes with cool touch handle and has 1.75 l cold capacity (1.4L hot capacity). The lid consists of two pieces and built in measuring cup. You can be sure that there won`t be spills or leaks as the lid is Super Seal. At the bottom of the unit there are Non Stick Cooking Plate to fry and sauté and 6 Way angled blade to blend. You can use hot and cold blending with stir function.  The recipes of delicious soups, puree, sauces,  smoothies, milk shakes, cocktails are included. It can also crush ice. It is fully disassembled for a dishwasher, so it is easy to clean it.

Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker`s design (at first sight) doesn`t differ a lot from above mentioned Breville`s. It is stylish in black and doesn`t require a lot of place. Soup maker has 1000W power. The high quality glass jar has a 1.4L hot capacity and 1.75 l of cold. Rapid heating element & non-stick cooking plate browns vegetables, boils liquids and simmers soups. The blades are in the bottom. The lid consists of two parts and separate measuring cup. You can add necessary components during the cooking process. You can choose low, medium or high heating regimes and four blending modes plus pulse one. Digital timer can be set manually. The book with an original and simple recipes is included.    Cuisinart is the one having Self clean feature but you have to re-wash it yourself some times.

Now you know enough to make your own choice. Compact and not very heavy, it can travel with you and help to cook food. In short, the soup maker is the kitchen, which is always with you.

Enjoy your soup!



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