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It was not too long ago that you would only find a solar power generator on something like a satellite. It didn’t seem like it would be something we would use in the course of everyday life but now that has changed. Partly because of the problems associated with using fossil fuels, many companies have been scrambling to advance the technology and deliver solar energy devices that can be used by ordinary people on every day basis.

Because of the number of different products and appliances that a solar generator could run, there are a wide variety of different options available.

You can get portable solar generators that will recharge things like cell phones or laptops on the go. They’re generally fairly light and one big advantage that they have is that they are very portable.

solar power generator

You can also find larger solar power panels that are still mobile but slightly bigger in size. They can be used to run appliances like a television or a refrigerator.

There are even units available that can power an entire household off the grid. Even these varieties of power generator can be portable and often they come in the trailer of a truck. If somebody wants to build a vacation home in a remote area and stay off the grid then they can use the unit like this for construction and then provide electricity to the house with it once that is completed.

Homemade Solar Panels

If you only want a small solar power generator then you can even build one yourself. Basically it would require a solar panel, a battery, an inverter and a few other little gadgets. You can do the whole thing for just about $300.

To the left is the video that shows you how its done step by step, from how to gather necessary electric gadgets, installing the the power converter, battery charger, and then connecting it to solar panels.

The next video demonstrates how to make a solar panel very cheaply from commercial produced panels and connect them together to build the whole solar power system.

The disadvantages to this route are that you can get frustrated and quit before you have a working solar generator or you might just not be able to get it to work and they don’t come with a warranty.

Some Good Options for Portable Solar Power Generators

There are not a huge number of retailers that offer a good portable solar generator unit but you can find one if you look around.

sunforce solar power generators

Sunforce is a very popular brand which supplies automotive solar battery chargers and maintainers in many different sizes: from mini, small, medium (for use with cars, camping, RVing, boats, etc.) to large kits which you can use to install on top of your house roof and power home appliances.

The range of Sunforce products usually start with power ratings of 5 Watt to well over 100 Watts and beyond for serious applications. Many of these models are well waterproof so you won’t have to worry about long term maintenance.

There’s a company called PowerEnz that makes a variety of different solar powered generators that you can take with you on the go. They have an LFP40 solar generator model that comes in the form of a backpack and has a fold up solar panel set.

PowerEnz solar powered generators

This one will do very well to power more than one appliance and would be suitable for extended stays away from the grid. The whole thing weighs in at 24 pounds so it’s not super light but the added power availability will come in handy.

The PowerEnz solar generator units are scalable so you can move up in size if you have an additional need for power. There are even models that go right up to 250 pounds and take a couple of people to set up. While still portable, these would be for people who need a solar power generator to be able to deliver a lot of power or any increment of additional power.

Genius Power is a Taiwanese company which makes a range of solar power generator products that are designed with transportation in mind and will suit the needs of applications like camping. They’re not going to give you the kind of power that some other solar energy brands do, but they will be much easier to carry around. If you’re looking at something that you can throw in the trunk of the car, then you should take a look at the GP-12 model. It provides 150 W from the inverter so it will be quite suitable for recharging laptops or keeping cell phone batteries fully charged.

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