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The Importance of Snowboarding Gloves

Snowboarding is one of the most popular forms of winter sports, which contains sliding from a hill concealed with snow while standing on a board attached to the feet of the rider.  To steer its movement during the “ride”, the rider uses his hands. The rider “drags” his hand in the snow and with the hand acting as a fulcrum he tilts the board in the required direction. This makes the snowboarding gloves as the most important part of a snowboarders gear.

The snowboarding gloves are made of a very strong material as they are in constant use during a ride. The upper layer of the gloves is made of a waterproof material.  This is very important as this prevents the hand from being moist, which decreases the functionality of the hand and the grip of the rider loosens. Also, the outer layer should be made of a Breathable material.

The main purpose of the snowboarding gloves is to protect the hand from ice, cold and friction against the ice while steering.  The gloves also enable the rider a higher amount of grip on their snow board. While jumping during the freestyle form of snowboarding, the board tends to slip away from under the feet of the rider.  The rider has to grab the board to keep it in position and the gloves provide the much needed grip at this stage.

If a particular snowboarder gets cold hands during the ride then he/she can also get snowboarding mittens. These mittens provide the necessary insulation against the cold and save the snowboarder from getting cold hands. It also allows maintaining firm grip during snowboarding.

40% of all snowboarding accidents involve injury to the wrist. The best way to prevent an injury to the wrist is by wearing gloves that have the wrist guards built into them. This is why snowboarding gloves are very important in this sport.

How To Choose The Right Snowboarding Gloves

For every snowboarder, having the right snowboarding gloves is necessary, as the gloves help in protecting your hands from all sorts of moisture and freezing temperature. If you are thinking of getting gloves, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Gloves Or Mittens?

First tip regarding snowboarding gloves is to decide whether you want gloves or mittens. While gloves are extremely easy to wear and will allow you to fix your gear even after you wear them, mittens are warmer and will make sure your hands are comfortably warm while you are snowboarding. However, it isn’t very comfortable to adjust your gear while you have mittens on.

Always Try The Gloves You Are Testing

Another thing to keep in mind before buying snowboarding gloves is to always try the gloves you are testing and see how they fit. You should always buy gloves that fit perfectly to assure your hands are kept warm and you feel comfortable while snowboarding. If your gloves aren’t a perfect fit, your hands will be exposed to cold air which will make you feel extremely uncomfortable while you are on the snowboard.

Buy Waterproof Gloves

You should also make sure you buy waterproof gloves. Waterproof gloves are necessary because when you are on the snowboard, your gloves may get wet due to excessive moisture and cold temperature and if your gloves aren’t waterproof, your snowboarding experience will be ruined. Therefore, make sure the gloves, you buy, are waterproof to avoid any kinds of distractions while you are snowboarding.

Lastly, buy gloves that are durable. If you are thinking of buying snowboarding gloves, you should keep the aforementioned things in mind. Since, there is a lot of choice available in these gloves you might end up making the wrong choice if you don’t consider the aforementioned tips.


Waterproof gloves are the most important thing about a glove when snowboarding or skiing.

There really isn’t a glove that is made just for snowboarding. Ski gloves are another category of gloves that are waterproof. A good glove to use will have more than just waterproof going for it however. I find the nose wipe feature something not many want to talk about, but it sure comes in handy. I also want the best snowboard glove to fit tight around my wrist to help prevent against injury to the wrist when I fall.  I also like the soft fleece inserts in my brand of gloves as I don’t want to expose my bare skin to the cold if I don’t have to.  I don’t care for the snowboarding mitts, but hey each to their own, I hear they are warmer. I just want to put on my waterproof gloves, be able to cinch them up with one hand and off I go. Oh and look good while doing it. Okay I will have to work on the last part…

What do you think is the best snowboarding glove?

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