Best Small Diesel Generator Blue Max Gen 6000Lhe


Generators are handy during power outages. Wherever uninterrupted power is a must, the ideal thing would be to have a diesel generator as standby with you. There are innumerable sets running on fuel like gas, but one of the best small diesel generator models is the Blue Max GEN 6000LHE 6000 watt generator.

First of all fuel efficiency. Diesel is cheaper than gas. For the same capacity of fuel required, you will be spending less money. In other words, in your fuel cost for running a diesel powered generator, you will be saving somewhere between 30 to 50% every month, as these sets consume just half of the fuel load, compared to other generators. Money saved is money earned and over years it will be huge.

Next is safety in usage. The fuel, namely diesel, is non-explosive. There will be no overheating and so you can safely use them inside buildings. Consider, inhaling toxic gas emissions and fumes from other generators may be deadly.

Many reviews say this Blue Max is one of the best small generator models because of its longer life. Compared to a gas run generator, a diesel-powered generator will work for more years, simply by the fact that there is no overheating. Even though these generators are small in size, they are built sturdier and can run for over 2000 to 3000 hours.

From a maintenance view point, these portable diesel powered generators are simpler. There are no spark-plugs that get dirty and stuck from operation. Periodic oil changes and filter replacements will keep your generator running smoothly for hours.

Owners explaining why the Blue Max Gen 6000Lhe is their best small diesel generator reveal that it comes capable of 6000 watts for surge/starting. After that it can continuously run on an output of 5000 watts. It provides 120/240 volts of power and can be used either way as desired by you. Especially for emergency situations at restaurants, hotels, manufacturing plants, telecommunication centers and mainly for hospitals, this equipment is a must.

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