Best Selling Brands of Ping Pong Paddles


As the table tennis sport gains popularity, so are the stuffs associated with it – tables, apparels, rubbers and the ping pong paddles.  Of course, who wants to be in a fight without the full gear?  That’s why a lot of suppliers are trying their utmost effort to cater everything about this game.

But obviously, you would want more information than just a complete get-up right? And to help you about that, this article will tell you who are the top brands who make table tennis rackets and what are their most sold items; what are the typical rubber coverings used; what policies must be followed and why having a personalized ping pong paddles is beneficial than the readily-made ones.

Best Selling Brands of Ping Pong Paddles

ping pong paddle

The results of the tennis match you are going to join in does not solely depend on your skills but on the brand of the racket you are going to use as well.  Check out the following top brands which you might work with to get your dream of being a champion come true!

    • Leader in table tennis for 6 decades.
    • Since the beginning, they only used the finest raw materials to ensure the highest standard of quality.
    • Their Research and Development department continue to modernize new blades and high-end production technologies.
    • Among its top selling rackets and sets are:  Classic 4-Player, Supreme, Classic 2-Player, Aspire and Charger
  • Butterfly
    • They boast for different amazing technologies they use for their blades, namely; ZL Carbon, ZL Fiber, arylate-carbon, arylate, TAMCA ULC, TAMCA 5000, T-Tec and glass fiber.
    • Their top seller rackets and sets are:  Victory 2-Player, 401 Shakehand, 302 Shakehand, Victory 4-Player and 303 Shakehand.
  • Killerspin
    • Known in producing first-class table tennis equipments and sportswear.
    • They hold table tennis events as well.
    • Some of their leading products are:  110-06 Jet 600, 110-04 Jet 400, 110-01 Jet 100, 110-02 Jet 200, 101-50 Alliance, 100-16 Dynamo and RTG Diamond TC Premium.
  • DHS America
    • Provider of table tennis equipments for novice and pro players.
    • Popular racket choices are:  X6002 (Flaired) New X Series, X4002, Hurricane-II, X6007 (Penhold) New X-series Superstar and X4006.

With these brands of ping pong paddles as your choice, the next thing that you have to be prepared of would be your victory!

Ping Pong Paddles – Choose Your Rubber

ping pong paddles

Now, your chosen racket can’t be used “nakedly”.  Certain rubber covering must be put over their surfaces and the options are as follows:

  • Non-Chinese Rubber
    • Generates high levels of spin and speed
    • Spin is created by:
      • Top sheet of rubber
      • Ball sinking into the sponge of the racket which results to greater surface area that contacts the ball.
  • Chinese Rubber
    • Top rubber sheets: sticker than non-Chinese
    • Sponge layer:  more compact and firm
    • Results to quicker games because more power is created
  • Short Pimples Rubber
    • Ideal for close-to-table players
    • Does not provide much spin
    • Hitters using short pimples are less vulnerable to their opponent’s spin.
  • Long pimples Rubber
    • Does not generate any real spin of their own.
    • Makes use of opponent’s spin.
    • Can be used for: close-to-table game or long-distant chops
  • Anti-spin Rubber
    • Has smooth and frictionless surface
    • Does not generate own spin as that of long pimples
    • Absorbs momentum of the ball upon impact
    • Not commonly used on competitions

So remember, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can only play with your ping pong paddles when you cover them up with your preferred rubber.

 Laws on Ping Pong Paddles Others Might Not Know

pingpong paddle

Of course, just like any other games, table tennis follows its own rules and regulations not just for the game itself but especially on the racket which plays a vital part on each match.  The following basic rules for the paddle are based on the guidelines of ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation).

  • Racket Size (Rule 2.04.01)
    • Could be of any size, shape or weight.
    • Blade must be flat and rigid.
  • Rubber Covering
    • Types and Thickness ( Rule 2.04.03)
      • Pimpled rubber: not more than 2mm (including adhesive)
      • Sandwich rubber:  not more than 4mm (including adhesive)
  • Size ( Rule 2.04.04)
    • Must extend up to the blade but not beyond it (Not overhanging the edges)
    • The part nearest the handle and gripped by the fingers may be left uncovered.
  • Colour (Rule 2.04.06)

Surface of the covering material must be bright red on one side and black on the other.

  • ITTF Logo
    • For authorized table tennis matches, only rubbers with ITTF logo can be used.
    • Ensure that the logo is clearly visible so it can be checked by the umpire.
  • Showing the racket (Rule 2.04.08)
    • At the start of a match, and if damaged racket must be changed during a match, the player must show the racket that he is going to use to:  his opponent and to the umpire.
    • The player must allow them to examine his racket.

Understanding the policies about ping pong paddles would really help a lot in choosing what racket you would choose before fixing your mind in the game.

Ping Pong Paddles – Why choose custom over pre-made?

When options are given, people tend to somehow become confuse.  Similarly with table tennis rackets when it comes to choosing whether to use premade paddles or custom-built ones.  And so to eliminate uncertainties, we asserted that custom rackets are better and the following are the reasons why:

  • Gives you more option on what type of rubbers and blades go well with you.
  • You can get better quality both for blades and rubbers.
  • Custom paddles have removable rubbers which you can replace.

With the personalized ping pong paddles on your grip, you will be more confident in winning your game!

Did you get bunch of information from this article?  Reveal to your friends what you learned about ping pong paddles and tell us what else you know by filling in the comment area!


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