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Welcome to Security Cameras Advice, a guide to setting up a surveillance system in your home or office. There are a number of reasons people might want to use surveillance cameras. Parents have begun using them to monitor both their children and the people they entrust them to – often catching babysitters in the act of child abuse. Spouses have used CCTV systems to catch cheating significant others. Homeowners concerned about protecting their property frequently use them as both a deterrent against burglaries and a way to catch crooks after the fact. And employers can ensure that only their employees have access to an office, as well as for monitoring supplies or stock that is vulnerable to theft. This site will go through all the information you need to know – there are both ethical/moral issues to think about for the reason that you’re using the cameras, and there are technical factors to consider such as which security camera is the best for your needs, how you will want to install it (you’ll need to think about whether you want it hidden or out in the open – often, they’re more useful if people can see them), and where you’ll want to put it.

The Security Cameras Guide:

How To:

How to Install Outdoor Security Cameras

Common Outdoor Security Camera Placement Mistakes

Making the Most Out of a Home Security System

Types of Security Systems:

Baby Cams

Bullet Cameras

Car Security Cameras


C-Mount Cameras

Day / Night Cameras

Dome Cameras

Fake Security Cameras – Don’t have the money for a full security system? Often, you can get a lot of the benefit for a lot cheaper by sticking up fakes. They’re also great as a decoy for protecting your real system from damage.

Hidden Cameras – These are designed to blend into the surroundings of your home so that they look like something inconspicuous.

Infrared / Nightvision

Low-Quality CCTV

Motion Detectors

Nanny Cams

Network Cameras


Underwater Security Cameras

Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Potential Uses For Surveillance Cameras:

Should I use security cameras on my kids? – A discussion of the ethics and practicality of using security cameras to watch your kids to either deter or catch illegal activities.

Common Questions:

Can I get a CCTV system with audio?

What are privacy concerns with security cameras?

What laws do I need to know about before setting up a security camera?

What are the benefits of a home surveillance system?

What are issues relating to installing security cameras in schools?

Should I buy a security system?

Do I need an outdoor surveillance camera?

Does my business need security cameras?

What are the latest advances in CCTV technology?

What things should I consider when buying a security camera?

Where should I put security cameras in an apartment complex?

Should I use a security camera at my desk?

Specific Security Camera Brands:

Top Security Camera Brands 

Logitech WiLife

Lorex LW2002W


Panasonic BL-C131A


Q-See QS2350C Color CCD Camera Kit

Q-See QSC48030 Waterproof CCD Camera

Sharx Security SCNC2607

SVAT Electronics


Swann Maxi Day / Night Security Camera

Swann “Night Hawk” Wireless Camera – This is a lower-end model – very cheap and good for the price, but probably not good if you need a high-end security system. Consider this more for something like a nanny-cam.

Surveillance Camera Observation System by Homeland Security – It sounds like it’s some government entity, but it’s really just a packaged camera system that will help you set up a surveillance system for your home or business – this brand comes with a monitor and multiple cameras.

Toshiba IK-WB15A

YY Trade Infrared Camera

Cool Spy Gadgets:

While none of these have to do with security systems per se, a lot of people who come here are interested in this kind of stuff – and they’re just cool in their own right.

Listening Devices – A page reviewing a number of different listening devices available to consumers. If you came here looking for a way to catch a cheating spouse or spy on somebody temporarily, this might be the page for you. 


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