Best Roll Away Bed: Comfortable and Space Saving Efficient Beds


When you have a guest staying overnight, an extra bed surely comes in handy.  Similarly when you have family members visiting occasionally and don’t have enough space for them, roll away beds are great options to consider. These are foldable beds that are commonly seen in hotels.

When the number of sleeping persons is more than the beds, these beds help in comfortable accommodation. Whether it is hotels or residential spaces, the foldable roll away beds are very popular choices.

 A typical rollaway bed is made of metal frame with hinges in the center making it easy to fold and store. Further their light weight and wheel attachments make it convenient to maneuver them around the house, hallways and in elevators.

And many top brands have a mattress that fold along with the bed frame making the bed very convenient to use.

So, how do you choose the right roll away bed for your home?

Here are some criteria you should consider:

Main criteria for buying a roll away bed

Buying a roll away bed can be an easy task, if you know what to look for in the bed. Here are a few essential tips:


The hinges or joints where the rollaway beds fold is the weakest part of the bed. These should be made of strong and durable material like steel or wood. Wood joints are expensive but offer good durability. For the other parts of the bed’s frame aluminum or steel are ideal materials to ensure easy portability. Wooden frames are best for the frame too as they offer robustness.

The problem with metal frames is cheap materials can cause creaking noise, which is more apparent when you are involved in activities other than sleep on it or if you are a restless sleeper. In short, if you want a good quality product you should be ready to pay more for it.

Size of the bed

Roll away beds are made in full, queen and twin sizes. Twin size is the most commonly used because of its light weight, convenient storage, easy portability and most importantly affordability. Queen size is the least preferred as it is expensive and is not as portable as the twin bed.

Mattress quality

You can get roll away beds with mattress or without the mattress. The choice depends on your budget mostly as without the mattress the beds cost less. But you will have to look for a fitting mattress later on.

A bed with mattress saves you the task of searching for a suitable mattress.  You can use memory foam, polyurethane and innerspring mattresses with the foldaway beds.

For better balance, springiness and conformity, poly foam is ideal. Inner spring provide bouncy and firm support, while memory foam is ideal for conforming and plush support.

Whatever type of mattress you choose, ensure it fits with the folding system in the bed or it may break along the fold.

Milliard Premium Folding Bed

Milliard promises an ultimate sleeping experience with its folding beds that guarantee turning a temporary sleeping situation into a comfortable experience. Let us see the features of the folding bed that enable a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling.

Comfort oriented design

Milliard folding bed is designed to eliminate all the common drawbacks found in the folding beds available in the market. The bed has a trampoline type base with spring of carbon steel for support and the memory foam mattress takes care of comfort.


The rollaway bed is very user friendly in design. It has 360 pivoting wheels, leg grips and trident adjustable buckle straps to ensure a safe and convenient use.

The unit is fully assembled and you have to just screw the wheels in. The bed does not need any elaborate process or tools to set it up as it takes just a few minutes to fix and use.

The dimensions include75″ X 31.5″ and it is 16” off the floor. When folded it is just 44” in height and 12” thick making storage compact and easy. The foldable bed weighs 52.4 pounds.


The company offers a free replacement, if you find any problem with the springs in the folding bed.


  • It has a simple set up process
  • Folding, storing and moving it is very easy
  • Can be used routinely
  • Mattress is thick and provides sufficient comfort
  • The steel base is very sturdy


  • The springs are not of good quality. They break easily.
  • Does not provide back support for adults and is fit for children only
  • The mattress dips in the center after some time making it very uncomfortable to sleep on
  • Size is smaller than twin size

Zinus Sleep Master Traveler Elite Folding Bed

Zinus rollaway bed is ideal for when you have overnight guests.  Zinus beds are reputed for their comfort oriented features. Here are the important features of the Zinus Sleep master:


The steel frame is designed to provide a sturdy base for the foam mattress. The steel bed frame is 14 inches high.  The dimensions of the bed include 31”x75”x17”.

The foam mattress has a multilayered padding that includes 2.5 inch comfort foam padding for relieving pressure and 0.5 inch padding made of fiber. The layered padding ensures a comfortable and cushioning effect without affecting the firmness.


The folding mechanism is very good and the folded bed is very compact to store away when not in use. The bed is light in weight and weighs just 27.25 pounds.


The bed frame is made of superior quality steel and the mattress foam has CertiPUR-US certification ensuring durability and performance. The product has a one year worry free limited warranty.


  • The product is  easy to assemble
  • Shipping and delivery is very quick
  • The mattress and supporting canvas offers comfortable support
  • No sharp or hard objects poking via the mattress
  • Compact and light in weight so easy to store and move


  • It is too soft for individuals who favor hard and firm mattresses

Jay-Be Saver Folding Bed

Jaybe Saver rollaway bed is ideal, if you are looking for an extremely compact design. The bed available in two sizes has several features that make it a good choice for you.


The base is made of durable and flexible J-Tex sprung system. This provides good comfort and support while sleeping. The mattress provided is made of breathable airflow fibers that work in tandem with the sturdy frame delivering good comfort.


The bed is light in weight, weighing just 19 pounds. Its dimensions include 73 x 27.5x 15 inches. It is easy to fold and unfold. The compact size is designed to fit efficiently under your bed, a closet or even in your car trunk making it an excellent portable solution for guest beds. The recommended limit for weight used on the bed is 264 pounds.


The Jay-Be beds are manufactured in the United Kingdom and have lifetime guarantee on the steel frame ensuring superior quality. The bed is made of advanced and superior materials, and has an innovative design. The power coat finish is very durable.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Very convenient to store away
  • Perfect for kids or teenagers
  • Shipping is very fast


  • It is bulky to carry so is not portable
  • The mattress has to be removed to fold the bed
  • It is unsteady especially when used for adults
  • Railing is very weak and spring coils get undone after a few uses

Lucid Rollaway Guest Bed

Accommodating an extra guest need not be a big issue anymore. Lucid Rollaway guest bed can be the right solution to enhance your hospitality. The foldable rollaway bed provides a convenient and comfortable solution. Here are the important features of the product:


Lucid rollaway bed has memory foam of 4 inch thickness that ensures your guest is comfortable. The cover made of rayon from bamboo provides additional comfort especially for those with sensitive skin. It also regulates the sleeping temperature.


With a frame height of 12 inches, the bed provides a clearance of 11 inches.  The wheels attached are easy to lock providing good safety. The steel with powder coat is light in weight enabling you to move it around or store it easily. The assembling is also very simple. The dimensions of the bed are 74 x 31 x 4 inches and it weighs 44 pounds.


Lucid foldable bed is made of a durable and top quality heavy duty steel frame with powder coating. The frame is provided with a 25 year warranty. The mattress is supported by a poly deck that is helically suspended using springs ensuring good support. It provides the bouncy effect and effectively absorbs impact of the sleeper’s weight.


  • Does not take up much space
  • Very comfortable to sleep
  • Design is good
  • Without any sharp braces under the mattress it does not irritate while lying on it
  • Sits low on the ground


  • Is for occasional use only
  • Too light in weight so tips over easily
  • Mattress sags after a few times of using it
  • Suitable only for children

Bottom Line

Now that you know about the various models and their specific features, you can easily identify the features that you want and choose the right rollaway bed. The choice depends more on the specific purpose of the bed. 

If you are looking for a portable the Lucid Rollaway and Zinus are great choices. On the other hand, if you are considering fixed application for the bed, the Jaybe and Milliard can be good choices to consider. 

And the budget is another consideration that could be your deciding factor in choosing the right model.  Of the four models, Milliard with its innovative design, good contouring and sturdy frame is a best choice, if the price is not a deciding factor for you. If you want a reasonably priced model, the Zinus could be the option for you.


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