Best Propane Generator Reviews


Propane Generator Center –  is dedicated to providing a wide selection of portable propane generators to fit your needs, whether it be emergency backup power when the public utility fails, power for your campsite, power for remote construction sites, or power for your ham radio field day and emergency communications operations.

What makes propane generators ideal for these applications can be summed up in four words:  clean, safe, reliable and economic.

Clean burning propane is not only better for the environment, but is also better for the engine, reducing maintenance costs and increasing dependability so the engine is ready to go when needed.

Propane is safe since it is contained in sturdy, sealed containers, which must comply with federal and state safety regulations.  There are no fume emissions from the containers, and no danger of spillage if the container is toppled.

Reliablity of propane is attributable to the fact that it does not evaporate or go stale if left sitting too long, and it is safe from contamination.  This assures that it is ready to use even after sitting on the shelf for extended periods of time.  Moreover, as mentioned earlier, it increases the dependability of the engine.

The economy of propane is debatable if considered only from the perspective of a cost comparison with other fuels.  However, it becomes more obvious when other factors are considered such as the reduced maintneance costs for the engine.

Along with that, the long shelf life provides a couple more advantages.  First, you won’t have to dump and replace fuel simply because it has been sitting on the shelf too long.  Second, you can buy propane when the price is low and avoid buying when the prices peak.

Now is the time time to buy your generator.  Don’t wait for the next flood or hurricane, or whatever event evokes you to say, “I wish I had one!”


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