Best Portable Natural Gas Generator Reviews


Portable natural gas generator: The two major parts of a portable natural gas generator are the engine and generator. The engine produces mechanical power by burning a fossil fuel and the generator converts that rotating mechanical power into electrical

Portable natural gas generator

Portable natural gas generator

energy. Unlike a large generator fixed at a single location, a portable generator is compact and can easily be moved and stored. Similarly, it can easily be taken to a repair shop if it gets faulty. There are numerous brands with different power capacities from different vendors; for all models, the most commonly used engine fuels are gas, diesel and gasoline. Depending upon the design, the generators can be operated with a single or multiple fuels. Those with natural gas are the most economical.

A portable natural gas generator takes on its duty when normal incoming power from the utility is interrupted. It saves us from dark and drives our essential appliances in case of emergencies. Connected loads must not excessively exceed the capacity of the generator as it serves you exactly according to its capacity and may not necessarily drive all your loads. But if it has enough capacity, greater you’re your house load, then of course it can power up your entire house. In case of smaller generator, you’ll have to carefully connect your appliances during power outages; don’t connect all loads, rather connect important loads. Its fuel consumption also increases with increasing the number of appliances. Remaining within the capacity limits, you can switch on any load. The generator can even drive your exercise treadmill if you’ve to use it during external power breakage.

Why one should purchase a Portable Natural Gas Generator?

A portable natural gas generator has become an inseparable life partner in areas severely hit by power outages. It’s become an important commodity. There are models and sizes of portable generators for all kinds of homes and within everybody’s budget. The competitive nature of the market is making them cost-effective for the buyers.

Many kitchen tools are nowadays electrically operated. Several exercise machines are power-driven. To ensure continuity of all kinds of activities, a portable natural gas generator could be a valuable asset to your homes. In case of blackout, this backup source of power saves your precious time by ensuring that all power-dependent tasks will be executed smoothly as in ordinary routine. Additionally, it can be taken along with to remote recreational campsites. So going for purchasing a portable generator is absolutely a wise decision.

How would you choose the best Portable Natural Gas Generator?

You’ll have to do a little planning while going to purchase a portable generator from the market. No investment must be done blindly. To purchase a reliable brand that will serve you for several years, you need to properly explore the market for available options, choose the one that best fits your needs and finally place the purchase order. Following are the guidelines that will facilitate you in deciding what kind of generator you should buy.

Capacity: The first criterion to look for is that the generator you choose should meet your requirements. Precisely spell out the appliances that need to be driven by the generator. Although, you can go for the one that picks up your entire load, but remember no one needs all home devices to be operative during power outage, and a generator with larger capacity would cost you more. Always go for the most optimum size! You can manage and manipulate all your loads according to needs. A portable natural gas generator can be purchased from the local market or from an online store. Try to discuss your requirements with the dealer or skilled workers at the shop so that you can come up with the most suitable size at most optimum price.

Essential Accessories: Make sure the generator is equipped with required accessories that ensure continuous operation of the generator with rated power under specified conditions. Overload protection of the generator is facilitated through a circuit breaker. Terminal voltage and supplied current are monitored through proper gadgets. Handling is facilitated through proper handles and wheels.

Don’t forget the cables that connect the generator into the main receptacle (plug-in socket). The generator is normally placed some feet away to avoid smoke and smell, and extension cables are thus inevitable in most cases. Current carrying capacity of the cables must be greater than that of the circuit breaker otherwise they could be severely damaged during a sustained overload.

Before starting the generator, don’t forget to switch off your main incoming breaker, otherwise it’ll severely overload the generator even before tripping its protective breaker.

Tips to Buy a Second Hand Portable Natural Gas Generator

There are several outlets in the market with second hand generators for those who are short on budget. People normally don’t feel comfortable with used products, but all cases are not similar. With a little effort on market survey, you can find a generator with the efficiency of a new set. Following tips will help you in scrutinizing a second hand set properly.

Detailed Evaluation: Whether purchasing a second hand generator for home, shop or office, all you need is to thoroughly evaluate it physically and functionally.

Historical Usage: In this regard, the important aspect to explore is the period for which the generator has been used and whether the machine was used only for emergency purpose in home or was it used continuously on some remote farmhouse. What kinds of problems have been encountered with the generator? And was it properly maintained?

Market Credibility of the Dealer: Always keep in mind the professional reputation of the dealer. In case the generator has been sold in an auction, you won’t be able to know about its exact past history. Here all you’ve to do is to trust on the dealer who has made the generator functional for sale.

Maintenance History: If the machine has been maintained in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer, its overall health can then be trusted for further longer operation. On the other hand, poor maintenance deteriorates many internal parts of the generator and the set will demand more frequent repairs.

To wrap-up, a portable natural gas generator needs careful planning before purchasing; the article focused on getting a generator set that exactly meets your requirements and stays cost-effective.


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