Best Portable Generator – 2019 Buying Guide & Reviews


Our best portable generator reviews will give you information and buying advice to assist in choosing the right type of power generators, be it for home emergency use, for outdoor camping, recreational purposes or as on-site construction power tool and other occasions.

You will find an extensive collection of informative articles covering variety of topics: from solar, wind, diesel, to gas powered generator discussions; and reviews of major brand names that manufacture high quality generators, like: Yamaha, Coleman, Generac and Honda portable generators.

power generation

When looking for a portable generator, to make sure that it will be of optimal use for your application, it is important that you understand which particular aspect you should be paying attention to. For example: How much should be the ideal Voltage and power consumption in Watt? Does it have to produce DC electric current or just AC? What sort of fuel is best to power electric generator for your particular situation? And so on…

You will get answers to both common questions above and even more details on power generation to be completely informed about purchasing the next best power generators for your home or work. So browse through our site, discover more, educate yourself to become a savvy buyer and save money with the next shopping deal.

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Best Portable Generator Brands

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This article compares best rated portable generator brands: Honda, Generac, Coleman, and more. Discover how to make the most of power generator ratings.

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Types of Fuel

Electric Generators GuideThere are many different portable electric models you can select from. Depending on your electrical power needs, you can choose between gas, diesel, wind or solar options…

Diesel Generator
Are you shopping for a diesel type? This guide will explain the pros and cons of diesel machines, as well as review of some of the popular brands for diesel models.

Wind Power Generators
Did you know that wind generators not only come in windmills? Today you can buy portable wind powered generators for home residential use, camping, RV or even make one yourself very cheaply at home.

Solar Power Generator
Not too long ago you would only find a solar generator on space satellites. Today, advancement in solar energy technology has produced many solar panel generators for a variety of applications, from home, sports and outdoors, to personal use in a car and etc.


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