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Portable Generator Reviews – Choosing The Best Portable Generator For Your Home Or Business

portable generator reviews

Whether you’re trying to safeguard your family during an emergency or running power tools on a jobsite – knowing how to select the best portable generator is critical. Check out these video reviews,buyers guide, and current available discounts for today’s top rated portable generators.
Portable Generator Reviews 2014: Choosing the best portable generator for your needs will vary depending on the appliances, tools and devices you might be using it for. Our homes have become so dependent on “the grid” that any interruption of power, regardless of the reason, can bring on a lot of problems and inconveniences in no time at all.

During these times of “disaster“, having a high powered portable generator to run whatever you need – from refrigerators to fans to heaters can certainly reduce some of the problems experienced when the lights suddenly go out.

The best portable generator is easy to start and provides a steady flow of electrical current for the tools and appliances you plan to run. Emergency power is not the only good reason for having a generator on hand though. Whether you’re using it to fire up power tools for a construction project or to make your next camping trip a little more comfortable – a portable generator can make your life a whole lot easier. Learn more by reading my portable generator reviews.

Best Portable Generator  – What Features You Should Look For
Before you go out and buy a new generator you’ll need to consider what its intended purpose will be and what you plan to run with it. If your goal is to run large appliances, equipment, air conditioners,or several household items at the same time you’ll need a larger generator producing at least 7500 watts to get the job done. Obviously, running a refrigerator, computer, fan and a TV will require more power then if you’re running an electric power tool. You’ll simply need to identify what your needs will be. Other factors to consider include storage, fuel storage, pull start vs electric start, weight and mobility.

Fuel Requirements – Fuel Types – Length Of Operation
All portable generators will have their own individual fuel requirements and operational time frames. The most common portable generators will have gas engines with some running on diesel and a few running on propane. Some models will have an electric start while others will have the standard pull-cord found on most of the compact gas powered machines.

You’ll find most generators are built to run for 8 to 10 hours on one tank of fuel at 50% max capacity with the size of the tank commensurate with its output. Running time on a single tank of fuel can drop significantly the more you exceed the 50% threshold.Therefore it’s important to sort out what you’ll be operating and for how long so as to best determine which model is the best portable generator for you.

Storage, Size and Mobility
More compact generators wre ideal for one person to pick-up and move. They can be placed in the corner of a small storage shed or even fit in the trunk of car. Larger units will provide more power but may not be easy to move around for one person. Consider your storage availability, what your transport requirements will be and how oftn the generator will have to be moved. Look at the handle, wheels and platform for ease of use and stability. If you’ll be moving the generator over rough or soft terrain select a model with bigger wheels.

Other Considerations
Other features to consider when choosing the best portable generator for your needs include noise levels, warranties, spark arrestors, CARB compliance, volt meters, circuit breakers, carriage strength and pneumatic tires. If you’re camping or on a residential jobsite with noise level restrictions, look for a generator with a super-quiet exhaust. They do exist – and are great when you are trying to enjoy the great outdoors!

Spark arrestors can prevent fires and CARB compliance is required in some states including California. Volt meters and circuit breakers are great features when running an appliance or electrical device that could be damaged by an inconsistent or inadequate flow of electricity. Pneumatic tires are rugged and can be easily maneuvered in soft sand or rocky terrain. Check out the portable generator reviews for more information and helpful links.

Duromax 10000 watts

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DuroMax 10,000 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start

This model is ideal for providing portable power for your family or on the jobsite. Featuring a 16HP air-cooled gas powered engine, this workhorse can put out over 8,000 watts of power ( peak power is 10,000 watts) consistently and safely for any piece of equipment or appliance.

Its electric start makes starting it a breeze, with a coiled pull-start available as well. Run with confidence emergency essential refrigerators, TV and radio to protect your family when the power goes out – or run several power saws, sprayers or other equipment on the jobsite.

 Don’t worry about accidental power surges or overloads either with its 33 amp circuit breaker. You can expect approximately 10 hours of running time on 50% capacity on an eight gallon tank of gas and will shut down automatically if oil runs low. Safe to use in our National Parks with its super quiet muffler and spark arrestor, the DuroMax is also EPA approved.

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yamaha 2000 watt

Yamaha 2,000 Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

The ultimate in a portable, gas powered generator the Yamaha EF2000iS provides 2000 watts in a lightweight, compact system that delivers maximum output when you need it.

Due to its portable inverter technology this little workhorse can generate max output of consistent, uninterrupted AC power for over ten hours without having to refuel. Inverter technology converts electrical energy into pure sine waves allowing you to run sensitive electronics and machinery with confidence.

This Yamaha generator also comes with an overload circuit breaker in the event of an electrical surge. Weighing only 45 lbs, easy to carry with its ergonomically designed handle, and extremely quiet this generator is perfect for recreational vehicles, boats, camping or any activity where noise levels are a concern.

Its OHV engine has a noise insulating glass-wool housing, a quite muffler, runs very cool, and is extremely energy efficient – making it one of the best portable generators for recreational or emergency use.

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champion 4000 watt wireless generator

Champion 4,000 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wireless Remote Electric Start (CARB Compliant)

Imagine starting your generator without having to leave your house, RV or tent with Champions wireless remote control electric start motor – even up to 80 feet away.

Ideal for boating, jobsites, camping or your home, this generator is an affordable and high powered machine producing up to 4000 watts of maximum electrical current. Plenty of power for running a television, multiple lights, refrigerator and sump pump at the same time with no problem.

Run two or more power tools, an airless paint sprayer or electrical pressure washer on your jobsite- with power to spare. Comes with all the necessary oil sensors, electrical overload protection, a sturdy frame and eight inch wheels for easy transport.

This Champion portable generator can run for twelve full hours on a tank of gas at 50% output, weighs 140 lbs and is CARB compliant. This generator is reasonably priced, powerful and comes with a 2 year limited warranty and lifetime free technical support.

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DuroMax 4400 watt portable generator with wheel kit

DuroMax 4,400 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start

Protect your family or provide portable electricity at any time and any place with this 7HP OHV air cooled gas engine. With 3500 watts of continuous energy, 4000 max output, electric or re-coil start the DuroMax 4400 is rugged and powerful.

An excellent choice for running multiple tools on jobsites, or necessary appliances like refrigerators, TV, or sump pumps during emergency blackouts.

Another great feature is its super quiet exhaust, EPA approval and spark arrestor technology to avoid fires – making it safe for recreational use in most national and state parks. The easy access control panel has two 120 volt standard household electrical outlets, a 30 amp twist-lock outlet for heavy power tools and built-in twelve volt cables for jump starting cars or boats.

The included wheel kit comes with two oversized wheels that will never deflate – making it ideal for easy transport over rough terrain. On-board oil sensors protect the engine from damage by automatically shutting down when oil levels are low, the folding, retractable handle makes for convenient storage and the engine will run eight hours on a full tank of gas (50% output).

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durostar 4000 watt

DuroStar 4,000 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator

An affordable, low-priced generator that’s perfect for outdoor events, boating, camping trips, recreational vehicles, construction sites and home emergency use.

With a pull cord recoil start and 7HP air cooled engine this machine has plenty of power with 4000 watts max surge and 3300 continuous. With a four gallon fuel capacity the DuroStar can operate up to 8 hours before having to refuel.

Equipped with an onboard volt meter, start switch, circuit (surge) breaker, oil sensors with automatic shut down, two (120 volt) 20 amp outlets and one 30 amp outlet this generator has you fully covered for home appliances as well as high capacity electrical power tools.

EPA approved as energy efficient, the super quiet exhaust and noise absorbing muffler this model is perfect for residential noise restrictions, or nightime use when boating or camping. 1 year limited warranty.

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How To Choose The Best Portable Generator For You

Get More Power Then You Need
Ideally you want to run your generator at 50% to 80% of their max surge rating. Running continuously at its maximum output could shorten the life of your generator or cause overheating to the engine.

Know Your Continuous Watt Requirements
Look at the owners manual ( go online if you cant find it) for all the tools or appliances you’ll be running off the generator. Add the peak max wattage of the electrical devices and compare the sum total of all these with the recommended continuous output of your generator. By using the continuous wattage amount versus the peak wattage output you’ll be able to provide steady electrical current to your appliances.

Automatic Low Oil Shut Down Sensor
Gas motors require stable and clean oil to run efficiently and last for years. All the models in my portable generator reviews have this – if you select a different machine insist on having an automatic shutdown feature to protect your engine.

Surge Protection
Protect yourself from electrocution in wet environments with a built-in GFI breaker. Protect your electrical tools, appliances and devices by making sure your generator has a voltage breaker.

Electrical Outlets
Check the type and number of outlets you’ll need. Four standard household electrical outlets will cover most people’s needs. If you plan on running any high-powered tools or appliances make sure the dash-board has a 120 volt, 30 amp locking receptacle as required. Purchase a heavy duty extension cord (or two) when powering devices off the generator.

Fuel Consumption
Whether you’re on a jobsite or in an emergency situation, you’ll need to know how many hours – at whatever output capacity you are using – that the generator will run before refueling. By properly assessing your output requirements with the portable generator you select you’ll know ahead of time and be able to plan accordingly.

CARB Compliancy
CARB stands for California Air Resources Board. CARB compliancy helps define lower emissions and less pollutants from the engines exhaust. Not required in every state, but if you live in California or want your generator to be compliant in all 50 states you’ll need to select a machine that meets CARB guidelines.`

Noise Level
Ever try camping next to a noisy generator? It takes the nature out of the experience… and for contractors working in residential neighborhoods you may be subject to local noise restrictions. Look for a super-quiet exhaust and muffler system.

Operate Your Generator Safely
Never run your generator indoors or in a confined, poorly ventilated area. Gas powered engines emit deadly carbon monoxide. Never run it in garages, basements, sheds, attics or in a confined space. Keep your generator dry and out of standing water. Portable generators are electrical power plants and can pose a serious risk of electrocution when exposed to water. Choose a location that’s high and dry, protect it from the rain, protect your electrical cords from water, wear shoes and keep your hands dry when operating it. Double check the GFI breaker before firing it up.

Warranties and Service Work
Try to select a generator company that has an authorized service center nearby. Know before you buy what the “limited warranty” includes and doesn’t include. Most small engine service repairmen will be able to take care of tune-ups, maintenance and repairs outside of the warranty.

Know Before You Buy
Todays best portable generators have advanced engineering, great new features and are competitively priced for the general consumer. No longer used exclusively by the construction industry, these compact power plants are perfect for boating, camping trips, outdoor events or unexpected emergencies. Be sure to check out my portable generator reviews for specifications, price discounts and shipping info for my favorite, top-rated home generators.

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