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Looking for the best portable generator models which can run a variety of things whether you need something for camping, temporary power, electronics or to run specific equipment.

Depending on your needs you can check magazines for the top rated products. Some recommended features for finding the best portable generator include one that produces 3,250 watts and has a handle and can be wheeled. Some of the benefits include a low oil shutdown fail safe, ratings from Good Housekeeping, certified from the Canadian Standards Association and has a fuel gage. Unfortunately some are fairly noisy and do not have a DC outlet. Many are covered by a 2 year warranty.

If you want to use a portable generator to run a computer or other electronics then it is best to find one that provides a reliable current such as an inverter engine. Other top features include an inexpensive engine, an economy mode, is lightweight and meets EPA, CARB and CSA standards. Check ratings and recommendations for users preferred products.

If you need a mid-sized generator that can produce more power and is portable then look for something that moves easily and is reliable. Some good functions include a low oil shutdown, electric start, automatic voltage regulation, and fuel gage. You should be able to run your lights and the majority of appliances should you experience a power outage. Best sellers will come with a warranty.

No matter your requirements, you can find the best portable generator that can meet your needs. There are some great affordable models as you can find models for all budgets. If you have a specific need then you should look for one that is the best for that need. There are other fantastic general use portable generators that can take care of anything no matter what your power needs are. Take some time to do a bit of research and you will be able to find a great deal.

Top 3 Places To Buy Portable Generators
It is all well and good that you need a generator, but if you are not aware of how to find what you are looking for you will not get far

Top Portable Champion Generators
These Champion portable generators maintain auxiliary power control, providing a strong start

Tips For Choosing a Portable Generator
Which portable generator you choose depends on what you need to use it for in case of power outage at home, on the job, or at a campsite

7+ Keys To Connecting a Portable Power Generator
Connecting a portable power generator to your home’s main wiring panel can be very dangerous if you don’t follow available neutral ground diagrams

Tips For Covering Your Portable Generator and Cord
When you need a cover for your portable generator you’ll have many from which to choose

Should You Cover Your Portable Generator or Not
The purpose behind a cover for a portable generator is to protect it from inclement weather such as rain, wind, ice and snow

What is a Dual Fuel Portable Generator?
Even if you are well versed in the power equipment industry you may not be too familiar with the dual fuel portable generator

What is the Most Reliable Portable Generator?
When you are searching for the most reliable portable generator you will probably have a few problems

Best Portable Hot Water Generator Revealed
Camping is great, unless you have no portable hot water generator and you’re at a primitive campsite with no shower facilities

What is a Portable Ion Generator?
Most people think that they know what a portable ion generator does, but are actually surprised to find out what they can be used for

Portable Power Generator Review
A portable power generator provides extreme power in a completely portable unit. Two great models come from Sport Pac and Marina

Portable Power Generators 2500 watt 4000 watt
If you are looking for portable power generators 2500 watt 4000 watt you will first want to assess your current situation

Portable Propane Generator Reviews
Even the smallest portable propane generator can run the lights and one or two small appliances

Portable Residential Generator Safety Tips
There are some important safety tips to keep in mind when you use your portable residential generators in and around your house, however

Powerpro Portable Generator Review
A Powerpro portable generator is one of the best units that you can buy if you are looking for a unit for your home

Pramac Portable Generator
Different sectors of the society are using Pramac generators because of their reliability and dependability.

Portable Generators from Pep Boys
They have different kinds of portable generators that can compete with the leading brands in generator technology

Proforce Portable Generators
These portable generators made by the reputable ProForce firm feature 2500 running watts, with a maximum of 3125 watts

Propane Usage For Portable Generator
Let’s take a look at a couple of the portable generator options and their propane usage

Rating Portable Generators
If you are in the market for a new generator you will want to know exactly what you are getting before you spend your hard earned money

Where Can I Buy Power Pro Portable Generators
Just because you are having a hard time finding a place to buy these generators does not mean that it is completely impossible

Where is the Best Buy on Onan Microquiet RV Generators
Many RV park resorts or national parks have noise regulations that require the microquiet generators such as the Onan Microlite and microquiet series

Winco Tri Fuel Portable Generators
There are two styles of tri-fuel portable generators made by Winco. Either can run on gasoline, natural gas or L.P. gas

Finding Chinese Portable Generator Parts
Finding Chinese portable generator parts, and where to find them, will be something that should be known about in the event that one has purchased an

Portable RV Digital Generator Review
If you own a RV and enjoy driving across the country, or just a few hundred miles from home, you may want to invest in a portable RV digital generator

Yanmar Portable Generators
This generator has a diesel, 4 stroke, air cooled engine that has a rating of 4.8 horsepower at 3600RPM

Power Star Plus Portable Generator
If you think about it, when man could first walk, we did not have things like the power star plus portable generator

Electric Rechargeable Portable Generators
It is not too expensive and can really save you and give you power when there is not another way to get power

Silent Primepact Propane 5Kw Portable Generator
This propane 5kw portable generator will reach full power at 120 vaults and provide the most KW per dollar. As it has a Generacs OHVE engine

AC Delco Portable Generator AC-G0005
This AC Delco portable generator provides six thousand propelling watts of power for lights, tools, brewing that morning cup of coffee, or energizing those necessary video game gadgets

ETQ Portable Generators TG72K12
This machine also come with an air cooled, 4 stroke, 13 HP OHV engine with a shut down mechanism when the oil is low. This is beneficial if maintenance has not been done when scheduled or someone has forgotten to refill it.

Guardian 15KW Portable Generator For Backup Power
In addition, this transportable Gen set has high fuel tank capacity of 16 Gallons to ensure uninterrupted continuous run hours with up to 10 hours

DuroPower 3500 Portable Generator With Electric Start
The frame is constructed of heavy duty steel, the mounts surrounding the motor are isolated ensuring ultra smooth, quiet operation. Changing engine oil regularly will give the user in excess of three hundred hours continuous usage

Coleman Powermate Coleman Portable Generator Pro 49 State
Every one should really own a portable version of this power source. This particular model will offer power for a full two hours at half load

Dayton Electric MFG Co Made Portable Generators
A portable diesel generator is a must have for those that own their own business today. The Dayton 2ZRR2 Generator let’s you take it with you on the go, use it to start up high amp tools

Portable Lightweight Generators Magna 1000
One of the best applications of these Magna portable lightweight generators would be to use it for more sensitive types of electronics such as one’s personal computer, television set

Super Quiet 1850w Portable Silent Gas Generator New PowerBoss 30480
Emergency situations may call for the use of a PowerBoss 30480 1850 watt portable generator. If this is enough power for you, it should work great

Best Chinese Made Portable Generator
The Portable and Smart Digital Inverter Generator Model Number: XG-SF600 is one of the top generators made in China and this guide will show anyone why

Voltmaster Portable Natural Gas Generators Lr105ei-Nga
The Lr105ei generator also has an interesting idle feature that will allow you to save gas. Even if you were not stopping it completely, the mobile generating set would remain in a waiting stance

ETQ PG30P11 Portable Propane Fueled Generator
Reviews of this portable propane fueled generator indicate that it is quite powerful and adequate for most of the tasks that people have set out to use it on. Unlike gasoline generators, it is apparently close to odorless

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