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There are a wide variety of different portable electric generators that you can select from and the variety that you decide on will depend largely on your power needs. There are other factors such as noise or access to fuel that you’ll also need to take into consideration.

If you are interested in a portable electrical generator that produces perfectly green power and can be used anywhere then you are probably going to be looking at or wind or solar power generator. Obviously, these have the advantage of not using fossil fuels and therefore you don’t need to purchase fuel for them.

In the case of the solar generator, you don’t have moving parts so they will tend to last a very long time. The disadvantage to the solar or the wind power electric generators is that they won’t be able to supply a large amount of electricity. Look to these units to power things like laptops or cell phones.

Need More Power?

portable electric generators

If you need more power from portable electric generators, then you’ll be looking at gas or diesel powered models. There are a few advantages to these; you can get something that is still considered a portable but has enough power to run a number of appliances at once. If you get something even a little bit bigger you can use it as an emergency power source for your home. Often when there’s a major power outage, you want to have enough power to run your refrigerator and other important appliances, like microwave ovens.

Diesel generators are generally long lasting and powerful. The disadvantage to them is that they can be a little bit loud and if you’re going to use them for applications like camping or tailgating then they might not be the perfect choice. They work very well as emergency backup generators for the house as they will cost a little less fuel than a gas powered generator.

It might make sense to look towards gas for portable electric generators because they will still deliver a significant amount of power if you need it and they will do it with a little bit less noise than a diesel. You can get smaller gas powered portable generators. A nice option to include is an electric start portable generator.

What to Look For When Buying a Portable Electric Generator?

If you are considering either a diesel or a gas powered portable electrical generator, then you might want to look for a few helpful options.

You can either get them with recoil or an electric start portable generator. If you don’t mind the recoil then you might save a few dollars here. If you want a unit that can be started by anybody, then you might want to get one with an electric starter.

Think about the weight of the unit. Small electric generators should be just that. You can get units that weigh as little as 30 pounds but they can go up to about 500 pounds. While it is still portable, you’re going to need some help to get around. Even moving a 150 pound model of generator is not likely to be a one person job.

In terms of cost, you’re going to be looking at somewhere from about $300 for the smallest portable electrical generators.

That will get you into the market for solar, electrical or the smaller gas and diesel powered electric generators. The sky’s the limit from there, and as you add features like the electric starter, overhead valve engines or mufflers then the price is going to go up to a few thousand dollars. If you really have the money to spend, you can get a model from Northstar that will run on diesel, LPG or natural gas. Other good names include Honda, Coleman, Yamaha, and Briggs and Stratton.

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