Best Portable Diesel Generator Reviews


Are you shopping for a portable diesel generator? If you want to have a decent amount of power on the go, then diesel power generators might be a good choice.

They have evolved substantially over the years, and some of the problems that were previously associated with diesel generator have been addressed.

Diesel is a very popular choice, whether your are after recreational generators for camping, for home emergency use or professional and commercial applications. The major advantage of using diesel as the source of fuel is in its superior power supply and versatility, that allows you to get even the most heavy duty tasks done right at the job site.

Good and Bad Points of Diesel Portable Generators

There are definitely advantages to diesel power generator:

  • First of all, if you are going to use diesel in a recreational vehicle (RV) then it is likely that you are using the same kind of fuel. That can be an advantage if you need to store additional fuel; it can also be used for the vehicle in an emergency situation.
  • A well packed unit of portable diesel generator is also going to give you a good supply of energy. For example, in capacity comparison, it is able to deliver much more than solar or wind power generators.
  • The fuel costs will be a little bit lower than that of a gas model so that might be a deciding factor for people looking into buying a diesel generator if they are going to use it a lot.
  • Diesel engines are also lower maintenance than gas engines so you can expect a longer life out of diesel generators.

Diesel portable generators will also have certain disadvantages:

  • While diesel engines have become quieter, there is still some noise involved and if you’re going to use it for camping, you might find that it ruins the mood a little bit. If you get a seriously long extension cord, then you can set your diesel power generator off in the distance to cut down on the noise.
  • With diesel generators you’ll find either air cooled or liquid cooled models. The most important difference is that an air cooled portable diesel unit should be used as a backup and is probably more appropriate for these mobile applications in many cases. A liquid cooled model might cost a little bit more money but will be more useful for situations where you want a diesel portable generator that will need to run for a long time.

Best Portable Diesel Generator Reviews

If you want to get a good usable power generator, then it makes sense to get a good name. Below is review of some best and popular brands you can trust.

kubota diesel generator

Kubota Diesel Generators
You have probably heard of brand names such as Kubota in reference to other kinds of equipment but they also make excellent diesel powered generators. You can get Kubota diesel generator in 7 kW or 11 kW models that are still fairly portable and will deliver pretty substantial power. They would be suitable for powering a few appliances so they will make life pretty comfortable. They are liquid cooled and they have electric starters for ease of use for anyone.

The smaller version of the Kubota diesel power generators comes in just over 500 pounds so while it is portable you’re going to have to make arrangements to get it moved. It is a two cylinder model and it has a number of features like a weatherproof housing and a rain cap on the exhaust for use outdoors without problems. One thing that this 7kW model from Kubota can do is give you over 10 hours of runtime. That’s very good for portable diesel generators.

Yanmar Diesel Generator
For slightly smaller applications, you can look at something like a Yanmar diesel power generators. This comes in a 3.7 kW model that will still deliver fairly sufficient power for most uses. It weighs 174 pounds so it is not easy to lift but a couple of people should be able to move it around without too much trouble. This is an economical model that will last somewhere between 4 and 8 hours on a tank that holds about 3 ½ gallons.

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